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Dear Colleagues!

The Russian Tobacco Media Group would like to offer you the media services of for instant access to exclusive and accurate information in English about developments in the tobacco markets of Russia, the CIS, Baltic states, and Eastern Europe. Until 19 December 2011 you have a unique opportunity to get full access to all sections of the portal, including multi-year article archives, for just 1/4 of the usual price. All you have to do is to register on the website before 19 December. Only users who register before the specified date will get an exclusive offer at a 75% discount.

It will not take you long to register as there are only five required fields. Moreover, we can do this for you if within the specified period you send us an e-mail with your full signature and the required subject in the subject field: RTCOM2012. Our offer will be sent at the address from which the letter with your formal signature will be received.

One more argument in favour of registration is that only registered users of the portal will be able to make use of its services during the next few months regardless of whether they accept the offer to purchase the subscription for 2012 at once or refrain. In any case, they will have enough time to evaluate the new service in full. Unregistered users will have this opportunity in 2012 only after they have paid the full price of access.

If your business is connected with the Russian and Eastern European tobacco market, if you co-operate with the leading multinational cigarette manufacturers present in the world’s second largest tobacco market, will become your indispensable aid and daily instrument. Visit this webpage to get an insight today. However, we have also prepared a wide-ranging programme to expand the services of the portal during 2012 and each of them will be presented to 2012 subscribers without extra payment, which will improve the efficiency of the modest initial subscription payment even more. Do not miss the key date – 19 December 2011!

Sincerely Yours,

Maxim Korolev
editor in chief
Russian Tobacco media group,

One More Step…

To develop the infrastructure business in the modern tobacco industry, whether a publishing project, market research, or even logistics, is a difficult task indeed. Almost all segments of the tobacco market have passed through a stage of uncompromising consolidation which divided the industry into powerful “gorillas” and small niche companies. The middle is empty, just like the distribution of wealth in Russia. Meanwhile, what infrastructure projects need is a robust and numerous middle… It is difficult to negotiate with market leaders as they act from a position of strength and most importantly, they have resources to build almost any type of industry infrastructure on their own. As for small firms, infrastructure is not as important to them on account of the localness of their business (in the broad sense of the word: their operations are limited in terms of geography, range, and other factors). One example of this is the destiny of retail audit: Business Analytica has left the tobacco sector, Nielsen remains a monopoly, and now not only the quality of its services is questionable, but also the very discipline of market research is in decline. For the third year, the industry cannot know if Russian cigarette consumption is shrinking and if so, why. Independent tobacco science is declining, or stagnant, too, although corporate research centres turn out lots of extremely interesting findings. Information services for the tobacco industry also show few signs of development, one can rather say there is stagnation…

The happier we are to announce the beginning of co-operation between the Russian Tobacco Media Group and the German publishing house of Tobacco Journal International. From the middle of 2011, Russian Tobacco becomes TJI’s exclusive partner in Russia and the CIS. Every following issue of this recognised global leader among specialised tobacco publications will contain a special news section dedicated to the tobacco market in Russia and Eastern Europe and prepared by the Russian Tobacco editorial staff. Our publications, accordingly, will sometimes contain TJI features, including those prepared exclusively for the Russian market. The RT and TJI vast archives of tobacco information are now mutually available to our editorial staff. Co-operation will develop along several lines, up until the possible appearance in the future of an entirely new joint publication for the industry.

We congratulate all our permanent readers on this new step in the development of Russian Tobacco and assure that with the new opportunities our features will become even more interesting, accurate, timely, and in a way even more professional. Absolutely in the spirit of the joining of forces of all infrastructure units in the tobacco industry, Tabachny Magazin newspaper from August 2011 will start publishing articles by specialists of the Krasnodar Institute of Tobacco and Tobacco Products (VNIITTI), a unique Russian research centre for the tobacco industry established almost a hundred years ago.

Such unifying movements are dictated by the time. The tobacco business is confronted by the extremely powerful machine of the global pharmaceutical industry and international and national health officialdom, not to mention numerous tactical allies from populist politicians to philanthropists with messianic complexes. For companies competing in the tobacco market, both manufacturers of tobacco products or, let’s say, equipment and trading companies at different levels it is more difficult to unite for objective reasons, but even here change is ripening. Meanwhile, tobacco infrastructure projects simply cannot survive solo.


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