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Russian Tobacco Mission

The Russian Tobacco Media Group is a sectoral news agency, a news internet portal, periodicals, books, research reports, conferences, advice, and other information services for the tobacco industry. The Group was created and develops with the aim of conveniently providing maximum information for all professional tobacco market participants. The audience of the Group’s publications includes tobacco industry specialists, experts, researchers, journalists, employees of advertising and consulting agencies, civil servants involved in regulating smoking and the circulation of tobacco products, and other specialists concerned with the market, as well as all those interested in problems of the tobacco industry, its products, markets, and other related matters. 

The mission of the Russian Tobacco Media Group is to provide modern and high-tech information services, including: fast and complete coverage of industry and market news, prompt comments on the most important events in the industry, tobacco market analysis and statistics, and reference information in the form of product catalogues, laws and regulations, a calendar of events, and other industry-related information.