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  Ключевое слово 'Moldova' содержится в следующих статьях:

Still among Smuggling Leaders 09.09.2017
Tobacco Farming Dying Out 07.06.2015
Transnistria Raises Fines for Retailers 11.05.2015
Tutun-CTC 2014 Results 02.04.2015
Tobacco Trade Licensing in Transnistria 10.05.2014
Moldova Stops Growing Tobacco 18.03.2014
Smuggler Convicted in Italy 30.01.2014
Customs Officials Convicted of Smuggling 29.01.2014
State-owned Tutun CTC to Be Put Up for Sale 12.10.2013
Moldovan parliament rises excises on cigarettes 02.11.2012
Moldova Increases Tobacco, Drinks Export 25.10.2012
Moldova Striving to Become Leader in Criminal Toba.... 20.10.2012
Transnistria Trying to Regulate Cigarette Import 03.08.2012
Cigarette Production in Moldova 23.07.2012
Republic of Moldova gets an award 12.06.2012
Moldova: National Industry Problems 30.05.2012
Moldova MoU signed 27.04.2012
People Remade 23.04.2012
Successes of Moldovan Tobacco Company 20.04.2012
Moldova: New tobacco control programme 09.02.2012
Moldova Raises Excises 16.11.2011
Fertile ground for tobacco smuggling rings 08.09.2010
Higher prices, more contraband 06.07.2010
Framework for exchange 06.07.2010
Collaboration actively encouraged 23.06.2010
A tiny nation with a high smoking incidence 08.05.2008
Importers on the offensive 25.04.2008
Centre of illicit activity 12.03.2008
Total ban on tobacco ads 04.09.2007
Cigarette contraband detained on Romanian-Moldovan.... 16.03.2007
Moldova changes privatisation method for curing ba.... 22.09.2006
Moldovan tobacco exports to Russia down 28 per cen.... 08.02.2006
Area under tobacco cut down 05.09.2005
Last batch of Moldovan tobacco 28.02.2005
Moldova cuts tobacco production 20.07.2004
Moldova ready to remit debts 15.04.2004
Tobacco production drops 40% in Moldova 20.01.2004
Moldova To Trade In Seized Cigarettes 17.12.2003
Moldova Returns Tobacco To Free Trade 03.10.2003
Moldova To Supply Russia With 3,000 Tons Of New Cr.... 02.09.2003
Moldova: Import Duties Set On Raw Tobacco 12.05.2003
Moldova: Exports of Cigarettes Fell Almost Six Tim.... 15.04.2003
Moldova: Govt Supports National Tobacco 03.03.2003
Tough Years for Moldavian Tobacco 12.08.2002