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  Ключевое слово 'Ukraine' содержится в следующих статьях:

New shadow market leader 13.09.2017
Ukrainian Customs ‘Successes’ 28.08.2017
Ukraine to Monitor Trade in Tobacco 11.08.2017
Fines for Smoking To Be 100 Times Higher 15.05.2017
Another Try 18.04.2017
Market to Be ‘Blinded’ in Ukraine 16.08.2016
Cigarette Import, Export 07.08.2016
Pryluky Factory Changes Hands 01.08.2016
Electronic excise stamps 20.07.2016
Tobacco Equipment Control Fails to Work 16.07.2016
Record Excise Statistics 24.06.2016
PMI 2015 Results in Ukraine 22.03.2016
Illegal Producers near Warsaw 20.03.2016
Excise In Ukraine 23.02.2016
Ban on Cigarette Export to Ukraine 10.02.2016
Tobacco Import/Export Licensing Cancelled 10.09.2015
Excise Revenue Goes Up 03.08.2015
New Excise Stamps 19.07.2015
PMI in Ukraine 20.06.2015
Ukraine Looking for Funds 12.06.2014
Fake Cigarettes Found near Kiev, in Odessa 04.06.2014
Gang Exposed in Cherkasy, Ukraine 22.05.2014
Illegal Sales Summarised in Lviv Region, Ukraine 04.05.2014
Ukrainian Companies’ 2013 Results 23.04.2014
Ukraine Regulating Tobacco Trade 23.04.2014
Counterfeit Goods in Ukraine’s Zaporizhia, Mykolai.... 30.03.2014
Excise Rates Increased on 1 March 04.03.2014
First Smoke-free Year in Restaurants 26.01.2014
Fake Stamps Factory 12.01.2014
Considering Codentify Technology 14.12.2013
Contraband in Ukraine 08.12.2013
Results of Operation Counterfeit Tobacco 2013 in U.... 20.11.2013
Staff Changes 10.09.2013
Market Share Up for JTI Ukraine in Azerbaijan 10.09.2013
Ukraine goes for more tobacco regulation 06.08.2013
New Excise Stamps 18.07.2013
Change of Management 10.07.2013
ITG manages Gauloises in Ukraine 20.06.2013
Cigarette Production Shrinks 11.06.2013
One More Illegal Facility Found in Ukraine 09.06.2013
Ukrainian Law Enforcers’ Successes 21.05.2013
2013-Q1 Excises Revenue 05.05.2013
BAT Ukraine 2012 Results 02.05.2013
Smoking Ban H/Y Results 18.04.2013
Ukraine among Crime Leaders 13.02.2013
Ukraine Raises Excises 06.12.2012
Cigarette Production Drops Sharply for Ukraine in .... 16.11.2012
Excises to Be Prepaid 05.11.2012
Ukrainian Chronicles of Crime 29.10.2012
Rise in Excises Approved in First Reading 13.10.2012
Ukraine Explains Now Effective Advertising Ban 02.10.2012
Increased Regulatory Activity 29.09.2012
Tobacco Advertising Banned in Ukraine 16.09.2012
Marlboro Brand Declared Generally Known 14.09.2012
BAT Ukraine Summarises Results for Eight Months of.... 03.09.2012
Illicit Manufacture of Excise Stamps Shut Down 10.08.2012
Violations on the Rise 05.08.2012
Tobacco Profit 24.07.2012
Trouble on the Border 20.07.2012
Tunnel for Contraband 20.07.2012
Unexpected Growth 17.07.2012
Smoking during Euro 2012 12.07.2012
Ukraine Leads Cigarette Smuggling 25.06.2012
Ukraine: Ban Made Law 17.06.2012
Ukraine: Factory Shut Down 10.06.2012
Warehouses Closed in Kiev 04.06.2012
One More Bloomberg Victory in Ukraine 04.06.2012
Ukraine Flooded with Contraband 20.05.2012
Fight against Crime in Ukraine 15.05.2012
Illicit Ukraine 03.05.2012
Violations Increase in Number 26.04.2012
Weekdays in Luhansk 17.04.2012
Now in Moscow… 13.04.2012
Ukraine Learning from UK 11.04.2012
Smoke Fertilisers 09.04.2012
Ukraine Discontented with Australia 03.04.2012
Megapolis Friendly with Neighbours 30.03.2012
It’s Unquiet on Romanian Border 29.03.2012
Russia’s Megapolis to Buy Ukraine Tobacco Group 24.02.2012
Ukraine: 2011 results of smuggling seized 20.02.2012
Ukraine Advancing 27.01.2012
Grey Import of Cigarettes into Ukraine Growing 09.12.2011
Illegal Facility Shut Down 06.12.2011
The Rada chairman puts off signing a law restricting.... 10.11.2011
Six Hungarian Border Guards Arrested for Assistance.... 30.10.2011
New Illegal Facility Found in Ukraine 25.10.2011
Ukraine to Ban Smoking at Home 08.10.2010
Ukrainian Statistics 01.10.2010
How Ukraine Is Quitting Smoking 30.09.2010
Japan Tobacco: Demand for Cigarettes in Russia, Europe.... 30.09.2010
Ball of the Illegal 01.07.2010
Unilateral Exchange of Excise Experience 21.05.2010
What Ukrainian Budget Rests Upon 12.03.2010
Hope that tax hike will end cross-border smuggling.... 03.06.2009
Cherkasy to Move to Kremenchuk 27.10.2008
The early bird catches the worm 02.09.2008
Pioneering spirit pays off in Ukraine 02.09.2008
Parliament bans outdoor advertising 25.03.2008
Parliament receives ad restrictions 15.01.2008
96 billion cigarettes produced in nine months 07.10.2007
Cigarette production continues growth trend 03.06.2007
Ukrainian border guards stop smuggler 16.03.2007
Cigarettes smuggled as diplomatic bags 08.02.2007
'Our foreign partners will lend us a hand' 24.01.2007
Ukrainian tobacco factories summarise last year's .... 12.01.2007
Large consignment of smuggled cigarettes seized in.... 12.10.2006
Lithuania's Klaipedos Kartonas to buy controlling interest.... 05.09.2006
Ukraine raises export of tobacco products 21.07.2006
Ukraine summarises first five months of 2006 15.06.2006
Ukrainian parliament bans light, superlight markin.... 10.02.2006
Large consignment of contraband cigarettes seized in.... 25.07.2005
Tobacco production up in Ukraine 15.07.2005
BAT Ukraine upgrades production 10.07.2005
Large contraband cigarette consignment seized in U.... 20.06.2005
Graphia Ukraina to invest Eur 0.15m in its gravure.... 10.06.2005
JTI Ukraine supports free trade between Ukraine, G.... 08.06.2005
Ukraine bans sale of domestic cigarettes in duty-free.... 30.05.2005
Security holograms canceled in Ukraine 23.04.2005
Ukraine toughens tobacco laws 20.04.2005
'Pirate' cigarettes made in Donetsk, Ukraine 16.04.2005
Passions running high over excises in Ukraine 18.03.2005
Ukrainian border guards seize over 21,000 packs of.... 13.03.2005
Ukraine's largest tobacco companies ask Cabinet to.... 09.03.2005
Ukraine to raise ad valorem excise rates for tobac.... 11.02.2005
Lviv Tobacco Factory to boost production 11.02.2005
Cigarettes seized on Ukrainian-Polish border 25.12.2004
Court rules Dnipropetrovsk Factory bankrupt 26.10.2004
The Rada Finance and Banking Committee will recommend.... 08.10.2004
Smoking in public to be banned in Yalta, Ukraine 10.09.2004
Smuggled goods seized in Odessa 10.09.2004
Philip Morris Ukraine accused of armed attack 10.08.2004
Lviv Factory claims sustaining armed attack 03.08.2004
Contraband cigarettes, amber seized in Kaliningrad.... 03.08.2004
Alcohol, tobacco poisoning insurance bill tabled in.... 09.07.2004
Ukraine's Rada considers anti-tobacco bill 04.06.2004
Ukraine's new Customs Code sticks in trade's throa.... 13.05.2004
Contraband Prima detained on way to Israel 15.04.2004
Ukrainian customs seize 210,000 contraband cigaret.... 30.01.2004
Contraband transfer point nailed in Ukraine 28.12.2003
Ukraine: Vatra vs. Vatra Tobago 28.12.2003
Ukrainian Rada's Specialist Committee Backs Increased.... 26.12.2003
Russia, Ukraine To Cancel Tobacco Import Duties From.... 26.12.2003
Ukraine: Foreign Trade Turnover for Ten Months 16.12.2003
Ukraine: Figures For Nine Months 27.11.2003
Ukraine: Illegal Facility Uncovered in Kharkiv 27.11.2003
Ukraine: Ad Valorem Opponents Propose Compromise 22.11.2003
Ukraine: Foreign Trade Turnover For Nine Months 20.11.2003
Smuggled R1 On Ukrainian-Slovak Border 12.11.2003
Budget To Win, Unlike Market 12.11.2003
Hearse Used To Smuggle Cigarettes 11.11.2003
Ukraine: Foreign Trade Turnover For Eight Months 28.10.2003
Bulgaria Plans Comeback In Ukrainian Market 08.10.2003
Ukraine: Government Wants To Strip Tobacco Companies.... 08.10.2003
Ukraine: Anti-dumping Duties For Match Importers E.... 02.10.2003
Ukraine: Foreign Trade Turnover For Seven Months 17.09.2003
Ukraine: BAT Priluki Sums Up August Figures 16.09.2003
Ukraine: Tenfold Production Cut At Feodosia Tobacco.... 05.09.2003
Ukraine: First Figures On Seven Months 20.08.2003
Ukraine To Lower Duties For Bulgarian Tobacco 20.08.2003
Philip Morris Ukraine Still Going To Expand 14.08.2003
Ukraine: Reemtsma Sums Up July Operation 14.08.2003
Ukraine: Illegal Facility in Khmelnitskiy Region 05.08.2003
Ukraine: Foreign Trade Turnover for Five Months 29.07.2003
Ukraine: Priluki Osoblivi Best Selling National Br.... 25.07.2003
Ukraine: 1.5 Times More Excise Stamps Shipped than.... 24.07.2003
Ukraine: Liggett-Ducat Joins SOVAT 16.07.2003
Philip Morris Ukraine against Mixed Excise 09.07.2003
Ukraine: Philip Morris Gross Income Leader 24.06.2003
Ukraine: New Excise Stamps For Tobacco Products 20.06.2003
Ukrainian Manufacturers Summarize May Results 16.06.2003
Ukrainians smoked 67 billion cigarettes last year 07.10.2002
Ukraine: Tobacco Production In June 2002 08.07.2002
The State Tax Administration of Ukraine Gets Total.... 01.07.2002
Philip Morris to Build New Tobacco Factory in Ukra.... 27.05.2002