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Altria wins smokers' health screening suit 19.12.2013
The New York Court of Appeals rejected a potentially ground breaking suit

Pogar Factory Buys Richmond Enterprises 13.12.2013
InterGroup of Igor Poddubny sells another tobacco business in Russia

Liggett to enter US e-cigarette market 13.12.2013
Zoom E-Cigs, an indirect subsidiary of the Vector Group, is due to launch Zoom e-cigarettes nationwide in the U.S.

SAP center for BAT 05.12.2013
Seven hundred new employees will be hired in Poland to run the new corporate marketing and distribution system

JT to Take a Minority Participation in Leading Russian.... 04.12.2013
Japan Tobacco Inc. announced today that the JT Group has entered into an agreement to acquire a 20% stake in Megapolis D....

Inazma Menthol relaunch 01.12.2013
Two versions of “Hi-Lite” will be relaunched in Japan as “Winston XS”

JTI to launch Ploom in Korean market 28.11.2013
JTI said that it would introduce Ploom, a premium tobacco vaporizer, in the local market

Philip Morris Loses Brand 12.11.2013
At the request of BAT the Moscow Court terminated legal protection of the PMI-owned trademark

Japan Tobacco Optimising Capacity 09.11.2013
On 30 October 2013, JT Inc. announced shutting down facilities in Japan

BAT Loses Another Court Case 06.11.2013
BAT STF has lost one more tax case in the Arbitration Court of Appeal

Imperial Tobacco’s Napier to retire 05.11.2013
Imperial Tobacco Board Chairman Iain Napier will retire next year, to be succeeded by Deputy Chairman Mark Williamson.

Blu eCigs market share rises 02.11.2013
Lorillard’s electronic-cigarette acquisition continues to grow and now accounts for almost half the US retail mark....

Omsk Factory Top Managers Amnestied 01.11.2013
The ruling is terminated the criminal case against Dmitry Shikovets and Konstantin Ritter

JTI ships fewer cigarettes 31.10.2013
JTI’s total cigarette and cigarette-equivalent shipment volume during the first six months 2013 was down by 5.1 pe....

PMI ships 5.7 per cent fewer cigarettes 31.10.2013
Cigarette shipment volume at Philip Morris International fell to 223.1 billion sticks in the third quarter

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