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Technical Regulations 21.02.2006
A fundamental legal document regulating the tobacco industry may be recommended for consideration by the legislature thi....

Duma passes law on advertising in second reading 10.02.2006
The Duma has today passed the new version of the law "On advertising" in the second reading. The document was backed by ....

Duma may consider FCTC ratification in May 09.02.2006
A press conference on Russia's joining the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) is held.

Government reschedules introduction of new tobacco.... 31.01.2006

Russia collects 24.2% more tobacco excises in 2005.... 31.01.2006
The Federal Tax Service of Russia collected 2.66 trillion roubles of taxes and levies in 2005, 1.4 times more than in 20....

Tobacco imports on the rise in Russia 17.01.2006

Russia's cigarette export problem solved 16.01.2006

Customs to have to work hard 19.12.2005
Tobacco companies are expected to help generate 3.5 times higher customs duties in 2006, according to a new concept of t....

Excise marathon 12.12.2005
Relative silence of the press can mislead an onlooker into thinking that the notorious "excise problem" in the tobacco i....

Officials compromise with tobacco 25.07.2005
The Federal Service for Supervision in Consumer Rights and Welfare of Man (Rospotrebnadzor) explains rules of sale of to....

President signs law cutting down licensed activiti.... 11.07.2005
The president of Russia signed Federal Law No 80-FZ of 2 July 2005 that significantly cuts down the number of licensed a....

Duma passes excise indexing bill in second reading.... 10.07.2005

Duma passes amendments to Russian Tax Code in first.... 29.06.2005

Leningrad regional legislature suggests equal payments.... 24.06.2005
The Leningrad regional legislature addressed the leaders of the Federation Council, Duma, and Russian government concern....

Duma cuts down licensed activities, simplifies licensing.... 09.06.2005
Yesterday, the Duma passed amendments to the law on licensing in the third reading.

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