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Ukrainian Law Enforcers’ Successes 21.05.2013
Officers of the Ukrainian State Service for Fighting Economic Crime seized almost 470,000 packs of cigarettes without ex....

Azerbaijan closes talking 11.05.2013
The parliament will not discuss the bill “On the Limitation of the Consumption of Tobacco” in the next two y....

Excise Stamps 10.05.2013
Excise Stamps for Alcoholic Drinks, Tobacco Products will cost 20% more

Tobacco Products Manufactured in Armenia 10.05.2013
120% growth of production is fixed in the first four months of 2013

2013-Q1 Excises Revenue 05.05.2013
525 billion hryvnias’ worth of excise tax on tobacco was paid to the budget

Four Million Cigarettes Destroyed in Estonia 03.05.2013
It is the second largest consignment in the history of the country

Armenia sees upturn in cigarettes export 20.04.2013
Armenia jumped in cigarette export within 2011-2012, deputy chief of consulting management at America CJSC said last wee....

Kyrgyzstan: new excise 19.04.2013
The parliamentary committee on economic and fiscal policy supported the bill introducing excise on e-cigarettes

Smoking Ban H/Y Results 18.04.2013
Regulators have collected about 860,000 hryvnias’ worth of fines

Tobaccos’ price to increase in Georgia 15.04.2013
The new government launches an active campaign against tobacco use and plans to raise excise tax

Import of Tobacco, Tobacco Products in 2012 in Kyr.... 13.04.2013
Kyrgyzstan imported tobacco and tobacco products from 24 countries

Export of Tobacco Products from Belarus 13.04.2013
Export was 1.326 billion cigarettes in January-March 2013

Uzbekistan: New excise stamps for tobacco 11.04.2013
Alcohol and tobacco products are marked with new excise stamps in Uzbekistan from April 1, 2013

Kazakhstan extends smoking ban 03.04.2013
Kazakhstan prohibits the use of the shisha pipe in enclosed public spaces including bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Sales Drop for BAT in Uzbekistan 31.03.2013
Cigarette production was down for BAT in Uzbekistan in 2012

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