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Ukraine Raises Excises 06.12.2012
The Verkhovna Rada passes in the second reading the bill “On the Introduction of Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine (....

Kyrgyzstan to Take Care of Tobacco 30.11.2012
A draft state concept of the recovery and development of, and attraction of direct investment in, the tobacco industry o....

Excises to Double in Belarus Starting from New Yea.... 28.11.2012
Cigarette excise rates will be raised by 50-100% from 1 January 2013 depending on the price segment, which is stipulated....

Tbilisi, Georgia 24.11.2012
Winston also proved to be the best-selling cigarettes in the Georgian capital. L&M comes in second place among the five ....

Latvia 23.11.2012
One billion three hundred seventy million cigarettes went on sale in Latvia in the first nine months of 2012 (7% fewer t....

Cigarette Production Drops Sharply for Ukraine in .... 16.11.2012
Production shrank by 18.3% to 6.074 billion pieces in October 2012 compared with September.

Excises to Be Prepaid 05.11.2012
The Ukrainian Finance Ministry suggests toughening control of sales of excisable goods

Illegal cigarettes threaten Estonian budget 05.11.2012
The Estonian state will be deprived of 56 mln euro in the form of tobacco excise tax and VAT due to illegal cigarettes.

Moldovan parliament rises excises on cigarettes 02.11.2012
It was voted in first reading for decreasing ad valorem taxes on filtered cigarettes from 30% to 24% for 1,000 cigarette....

Ukrainian Chronicles of Crime 29.10.2012
From the beginning of the year (to September) officers of the State Tax Service seized 4.7 million packs of illegal ciga....

Moldova Increases Tobacco, Drinks Export 25.10.2012
In the first nine months of 2012, export of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and tobacco from Moldova totalled $169 mi....

Moldova Striving to Become Leader in Criminal Toba.... 20.10.2012
The nation’s only tobacco manufacturer, the state-run factory Tutun-CTC, is quickly gaining in popularity in numer....

Excises for Customs Union 19.10.2012
Belarus and Kazakhstan will catch up with Russia in terms of excise rates by 2020

Shocking images to be printed on cigarettes in Est.... 19.10.2012
Estonian Social Ministry’s tobacco policy will include a proposal to “adorn” cigarette packs with tough warning pictures....

Kyrgyzstan 15.10.2012
The government proposes for public debate the draft Technical Regulation of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan on Tobacco Produc....

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