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Crime > Smuggling / Counterfeiting
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Bryansk customs seize 15,000 cartons of smuggled S.... 02.02.2004

Ukrainian customs seize 210,000 contraband cigaret.... 30.01.2004

Kaliningrad customs sum up operation 27.01.2004

Illegal facility found in Novosibirsk, Russia 31.12.2003
The underground cigarette-making facility uncovered this week in Novosibirsk was located in an industrial building on th....

Contraband transfer point nailed in Ukraine 28.12.2003
Last weekend, officers of Ukraine's tax police in association with the Transcarpathian authority of the Security Service....

Contraband Destroyed In Baku 26.12.2003

Estonian Border Guards Seize Contraband From Russi.... 22.12.2003

Smuggled Prima On Russian-Lithuanian Border 22.12.2003

Moldova To Trade In Seized Cigarettes 17.12.2003
Seized cigarettes in Moldova will be sold on the universal commodity exchange. This is what the amendments to the law on....

Contraband On Russian-Finnish Border 17.12.2003
A large consignment of smuggled L&M cigarettes was seized at the check-point in Torfianovka, Leningrad region, Russia.

Smuggled Goods Seized On Russian-Finnish Border 10.12.2003

Estonian Customs Seize Contraband From Russia 10.12.2003

Contraband On Russian-Lithuanian Border 27.11.2003

Customs Seize 50,000 Smuggled Cigarettes On Russian-Latvian.... 21.11.2003

Smuggled Goods From Russia Seized In Berlin, Germa.... 12.11.2003

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