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Fines for Smoking To Be 100 Times Higher 15.05.2017
Restaurants often ignore tobacco restrictions

Smoking on a plane 12.05.2017
Criminal liability should be introduced for smoking on board Kazakh airlines’ planes

Smuggling on the Rise in Georgia 10.05.2017
Customs identified over 400 cases of illegal carriage of cigarettes

Another Try 18.04.2017
Minimum retail prices proposed again in Ukraine

New General Manager at UzBAT 13.04.2017
New head of Samarkand cigarette factory with a capacity of 20 bio cigarettes a year

Winston Is Winner Again 03.04.2017
Brand of the Year 2016 in Belarus

Azerbaijan Bans Advertising Tobacco Products 16.03.2017
National Assembly passed amendments to the law «On Tobacco and Tobacco Products»

Another Good Year 15.03.2017
Cigarette production in Belarus grew by 6.2% in 2016

Market to Be ‘Blinded’ in Ukraine 16.08.2016
Tobacco products to be out of sight in showcases in all points of sale

Cigarette Import, Export 07.08.2016
Japan began the largest importer of cigarettes made in Ukraine

New Restrictions in Tajikistan 03.08.2016
Tajikistan discusses the bill “On the Limitation of the Use of Tobacco Products”

Illicit Market Grows in Estonia 28.07.2016
Contraband cigarettes in the country account for 15% of the market

Electronic excise stamps 20.07.2016
Electronic excise stamps will begin to be used in Ukraine in 2017

Regulation of Naswar 17.07.2016
The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan is discussing a ban on the manufacture, import, and sale of naswar

Tobacco Equipment Control Fails to Work 16.07.2016
A proposal was made in Ukraine to improve the procedure for registering cigarette-making equipment; an appropriate bill ....

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