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Export, Import in Kyrgyzstan 11.04.2016
Kyrgyzstan exported 30 million dollars’ worth of tobacco and tobacco products in 2015, according to the National Statist....

Taxes, Prices in Kazakhstan 02.04.2016
A system with a minimum retail price for filter cigarettes is established in the country

Belarus, Iran Considering Joint Cigarette Producti.... 29.03.2016
The Iranian National Tobacco Planning and Supervision Centre is negotiating with Belarusian tobacco companies

Graphic Warnings in Kyrgyzstan 28.03.2016
Twelve warnings have been approved which must occupy 40% of two sides of the pack

Excise In Lithuania 26.03.2016
Lithuania’s Seimas approved new excise rates

PMI 2015 Results in Ukraine 22.03.2016
PMI reduced shipment of cigarettes

Excises In Uzbekistan 12.03.2016
Excise rates have increased here since 1 January 2016 for tobacco products, alcoholic drinks, alcohol, and beer manufact....

Excise In Ukraine 23.02.2016
Excise tax rate on tobacco products will increase by 40% in 2016

Azerbaijan’s New Tobacco Law 21.02.2016
Manufacturing products from GM tobacco is prohibited

Anti-tobacco Outrage in Turkmenistan 05.02.2016
The highest cigarette prices in the CIS are here now

Excises Grow in Georgia 30.01.2016
Manufacturers and importers are afraid that growth in prices for products might eventually lead to an inflow of contraba....

New Version of State Border Act 01.10.2015
Changes in the legislation affect the procedures for storing and transporting goods in the border area.

Ban on Advertising of Umbrella Brands 16.09.2015
Advertising similar to advertising of tobacco products will be banned completely.

Tobacco Import/Export Licensing Cancelled 10.09.2015
The activities have been licensed in the country since 1996

Consignment Seized 15.08.2015
Over 15 million contraband cigarettes will be destroyed in Latvia

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