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Illicit Tobacco Seized in Moscow 10.07.2014
Four sellers of fake cigarettes were caught red-handed by a special police force in Moscow

North Ossetian Customs Intercept Contraband 16.06.2014
Officers of the North Ossetian customs prevented smuggling of cigarettes

Fake Cigarettes Found near Kiev, in Odessa 04.06.2014
Operation Excise 2014 led to seizing 81,500 packs of cigarettes

Gang Exposed in Cherkasy, Ukraine 22.05.2014
In the Cherkasy Region, police officers stopped the activities of a crime group whose members organised sale of counterf....

Seizures in Russia 06.05.2014
Criminals are getting more active in tobacco industry through out all Russia

Smuggling Cases in Poland 14.03.2014
The Polish budget has lost 9.5 million zlotys (€2.26 million) because of the activities of a crime group.

Contraband Market Growing in Russian Regions 27.02.2014
Twenty-seven thousand packs of RT Zolotoy Originalny cigarettes worth a total of 756,000 roubles were supplied to a corr....

Record Contraband in Hungary 03.02.2014
Officers of the Hungarian tax and customs department discovered 1 million packs of contraband cigarettes

Smuggler Convicted in Italy 30.01.2014
A court in Treviso sentenced a Moldovan national, 43, to a fine of €15 million and 16 months in prison for cigarett....

Australia: Illusory Victory, Real Losses 15.01.2014
During the first year of the ban to use trademarks on cigarette packaging tobacco tax revenue decreased by 1 billion Aus....

Counterfeit Cigarettes in Russia 03.12.2013
Information about identified fakes has been published more and more often in news reports on the Russian market for toba....

Lithuanian Lorry Fails to Make It to Poland 22.11.2013
Six hundred forty thousand packs of cigarettes were discovered by customs officials in Poland

Fakes from China 10.11.2013
A major criminal network involved in manufacturing and selling counterfeit tobacco products has been exposed in China

Counterfeit Cigarettes Seized in Petrozavodsk 19.10.2013
The damage exceeds €46,000

Fake Excise Stamps Delivered to Ukraine from Turke.... 05.10.2013
Eleven million Russian excise stamps for cigarettes have been seized

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