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Pogar Factory Buys Richmond Enterprises 13.12.2013
InterGroup of Igor Poddubny sells another tobacco business in Russia

Omsk Factory Top Managers Amnestied 01.11.2013
The ruling is terminated the criminal case against Dmitry Shikovets and Konstantin Ritter

Donskoy Tabak Fakes Flooding Markets 03.10.2013
Donskoy Tabak products account for over half of all sales on the Ukrainian illegal market

Punishment Lite 29.09.2013
The Pogar Factory chief executive Igor Moiseyev who has declared war on tobacco smugglers from Belarus manages to have t....

Donskoy Tabak Still Falling 14.09.2013
The factory in Rostov-on-Don is heading for diminishing its contribution to Russian tobacco tax revenue

Sekap of Greece Acquisition Deal Closed 25.07.2013
Donskoy Tabak intends to use ex-Sekap site to export own products to Egypt, Libya, and other unstable countries

Donskoy Tabak to Be Sued 06.03.2013
The company from Rostov-on-Don, Russia, has again found itself in the centre of a scandal, this time because of using so....

Beat Your Own for Others to Fear You 30.11.2012
The top managers of the Omsk tobacco factory have gone on trial, but the outcome of the action is far from being clear

The Phoenix of Usman 02.11.2012
Sergey Bryukhov, a businessman from Voronezh, revives production at Usman Tabak

Formal Bankruptcy of Nevo Tabak 03.10.2012
The Court of Arbitration for St Petersburg and the Leningrad Region registered a bankruptcy petition against the Nevo Ta....

Savvidi Makes Foreign Investment 10.09.2012
The owner of Donskoy Tabak gains control of the Greek football club PAOK

Usman Tabak’s New Life 18.08.2012
The property of the bankrupt factory has been purchased by a friendly businessman, the main distributor of its products,....

China’s Third Attempt 05.06.2012
The State Tobacco Monopoly Administration of China has again taken an interest in the Russian market

Emphasis on Export 18.05.2012
Donskoy Tabak Russia’s Largest Cigarette Exporter

Donskoy Tabak’s New Defeat 26.03.2012
The Federal Court of Arbitration has confirmed the rulings of lower courts on the lawfulness of the decision of the Russ....

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