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JTI shipping volume down 30.01.2014
Japan Tobacco International shipping volume fell by 20 billion, a 4.6 per cent decline, to 416.4 billion sticks in 2013.....

Ploom sales kick off on Japanese website 08.01.2014
On-line sales of Ploom vaporizers started on 24th December through the Ploom Online Shop operated by JT Creative Service....

Labouchere leaves JTI 26.12.2013
Pierre de Labouchere resigned as president and chief executive of Japan Tobacco International with immediate effect.

JT to Take a Minority Participation in Leading Russian.... 04.12.2013
Japan Tobacco Inc. announced today that the JT Group has entered into an agreement to acquire a 20% stake in Megapolis D....

Inazma Menthol relaunch 01.12.2013
Two versions of “Hi-Lite” will be relaunched in Japan as “Winston XS”

JTI to launch Ploom in Korean market 28.11.2013
JTI said that it would introduce Ploom, a premium tobacco vaporizer, in the local market

Japan Tobacco Optimising Capacity 09.11.2013
On 30 October 2013, JT Inc. announced shutting down facilities in Japan

JTI ships fewer cigarettes 31.10.2013
JTI’s total cigarette and cigarette-equivalent shipment volume during the first six months 2013 was down by 5.1 pe....

Mevius 'spread filter' 02.10.2013
Japan Tobacco will introduce menthol dispersion filters

JTI Starts Making Mevius in Belarus 23.09.2013
JT International announces further development of its licence portfolio

Market Share Up for JTI Ukraine in Azerbaijan 10.09.2013
Sales in the Azerbaijani market grew by over 30%

Japan Tobacco Domestic Cigarette Sales 06.08.2013
Japan Tobacco has released its domestic cigarette sales figures for the period running July 2012 through July 2013.

Japan Tobacco's Food Business is Focus of Organizational.... 12.07.2013
Tokyo-TableMark Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) has commenced preparations for a transit....

Change of Management 10.07.2013
The JTI office in Russia and Ukraine announce a change of management

JTI Kazakhstan 2012 Results 04.06.2013
All financial performance indicators grew

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