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Kazakhstan – No food impression 15.05.2015
From May 2016 cigarette packs in the CU countries must not carry words, signs, or images that buyers could associate wit....

Trouble in Tobacco Farming 10.05.2015
Thirty per cent less tobacco was harvested in Kyrgyzstan last year

Kazakhstan Bans Smokeless Tobacco 25.04.2015
Smokeless products are outlawed in Kazakhstan. Bans in the other Customs Union member states are not far off

Fines Raised 05.04.2015
The Code of Administrative Responsibility now includes new fines

Import Licensing Cancelled 20.03.2015
The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan signed a government directive

Excise Raised 25.02.2015
Kyrgyzstan has raised the basic rates of excise tax on tobacco and switched to a specific rate

ITG closes its factory in Kyrgyzstan 06.07.2014
The multinational company Imperial Tobacco Group (ITG) has officially announced closing its Reemtsma Kyrgyzstan subsidia....

Kyrgyz Monopoly 22.04.2014
Sunel Tabak abuses its dominant position and infringes on the rights of tobacco growers

Tobacco growing shrinking in Kyrgyzstan 18.03.2014
This year, Kyrgyzstan will reduce the area under tobacco by 500 ha, according to a Times of Central Asia story

Expecting Smuggling Rise 06.03.2014
Excise tax rates for cigarettes were almost doubled in Kazakhstan on 1 January 2014

Uzbekistan Raises Excises 03.02.2014
The government of Uzbekistan increased the rates of excise tax on tobacco products

Turkmenistan bans tobacco advertising in public pl.... 15.01.2014
A law “On health protection from exposure to tobacco smoke and the effects of tobacco consumption” has taken....

Anti-tobacco Law Takes Effect in Turkmenistan 20.12.2013
A new fine for smoking in the wrong places has been in effect in the republic since 1 January 2014

No more child labour 15.11.2013
Kazakhstan does not use it in tobacco growing

Kyrgyzstan: cross boarding trade problem 08.11.2013
The Republic of Kazakhstan (RK) has requested that the Kyrgyz Republic (KR) consider cancelling licensing of import of t....

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