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Latvia faces legal market decrease 25.02.2013
The legal tobacco market dropped from 67.9% to 64.7% in 2012, as noted by SIA Philip Morris Latvia representative Juris ....

Smoking to Be Banned Even on Balconies in Latvia 23.01.2013
The government has supported amendments to the law restricting the production, sale, and advertising of tobacco products....

Latvia 23.11.2012
One billion three hundred seventy million cigarettes went on sale in Latvia in the first nine months of 2012 (7% fewer t....

Illegal cigarettes threaten Estonian budget 05.11.2012
The Estonian state will be deprived of 56 mln euro in the form of tobacco excise tax and VAT due to illegal cigarettes.

Shocking images to be printed on cigarettes in Est.... 19.10.2012
Estonian Social Ministry’s tobacco policy will include a proposal to “adorn” cigarette packs with tough warning pictures....

Estonia Approves Tax Amendments 15.10.2012
At the end of September, the government of Estonia approved amendments to the law on excise tax on alcohol, petrol, elec....

Cigarettes in Lithuania to be labeled 03.09.2012
According to the draft law approved by the Lithuanian Government there will be health warnings on a cigarette packet.

In Lithuania tobacco’s sales go up in 2011 11.06.2012
According to Statistics Lithuania, in 2011, compared to 2010, cigarette production increased by 13.2%, its import – by 4....

Tobacco Disallowed 17.05.2012
Latvia disallows trade in cigarettes in open-air marketplaces

Contraband in Latvia 20.04.2012
A large consignment of cigarettes without excise stamps was seized in the Jelgava Territory.

Estonia: Marlboro smuggling by containers 10.03.2012
On International Women’s Day, 8 March, a large consignment of smuggled cigarettes was found here.

Latvia: Record smuggling from China 10.02.2012
On 9 February customs officials inspected a sea container that had arrived at the Skirotava railway station.

Members of the Lithuanian Seimas 23.11.2011
have supported a rise in excise on tobacco and tobacco products.

Tobacco excise duty to increase 01.12.2010
The Lithuanian parliament yesterday approved to raise excise duties for cigarettes, cigarillos, smoking tobacco and dies....

Tax Payments Shrink in Latvia 17.08.2010
Payments of the excise on tobacco products totalled 41.6 million lats in the first six months of 2010, 19 million lats o....

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