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BAT increases market share 03.08.2014
British American Tobacco (BAT), spearheaded by gains from global drive brands, increased its key-market shares during th....

BAT’s 1Q volume down by 1 percent 12.05.2014
British American Tobacco’s cigarette volume during the three months to the end of March fell to 158 billion.

BAT’s tobacco volumes down last year 27.02.2014
British American Tobacco’s cigarette volumes during 2013, at 676 billion, decreased by 2.7 percent on those of 201....

Kwan joins Board at BAT 13.01.2014
Savio Kwan, a China expert, has been named a non-executive director on the Board of BAT, the cigarette maker said.

SAP center for BAT 05.12.2013
Seven hundred new employees will be hired in Poland to run the new corporate marketing and distribution system

BAT Loses Another Court Case 06.11.2013
BAT STF has lost one more tax case in the Arbitration Court of Appeal

BAT key brands save nine-month sales 22.10.2013
British American Tobacco said nine-month sales increased 0.7 per cent despite an overall drop in product shipped

BAT buys into low-nicotine research 11.10.2013
US-based 22nd Century Group has signed a $7 million research license agreement with BAT

BAT industry leader in sustainability 26.09.2013
BAT says that it has maintained its position as industry leader in the DJSI for the 12th year running

New Production Director at BAT Russia 10.09.2013
Louis Sanchez is appointed BAT Russia production director

BAT Comes to Myanmar 01.09.2013
British American Tobacco has announced establishing a joint venture in Myanmar with a local company, IMU

Supreme Court of Arbitration Throws Out BAT Russia.... 30.08.2013
The company has paid about €11 million in additionally charged corporation tax, fines, and penalties. The attempt t....

BAT gains share in major markets 10.08.2013
BAT increased market share in its top 40 markets but shipped fewer cigarettes, the company reported

BAT presents e-cigarette in UK 30.07.2013
British American Tobacco said that it had launched on the U.K. Market its first electronic cigarette

Tax Authorities Catch BAT Hiding Profits 10.06.2013
BAT Russia companies moved over 2 billion roubles outside Russia under consulting services contracts in 2009 alone. The ....

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