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Belarusian anti-tobacco law 09.08.2013
The law “On the Protection of the Health of the Population…” has been proposed for public debate

Statisticians Report 03.07.2013
Twenty-five point nine per cent of the adult population (16 years and older) smoke in the country

Excise Stamps 10.05.2013
Excise Stamps for Alcoholic Drinks, Tobacco Products will cost 20% more

Export of Tobacco Products from Belarus 13.04.2013
Export was 1.326 billion cigarettes in January-March 2013

Neman Keeps Growing 15.02.2013
The Grodno, Belarus, based Neman tobacco factory’s performance in 2012 has been summarised

Excises to Double in Belarus Starting from New Yea.... 28.11.2012
Cigarette excise rates will be raised by 50-100% from 1 January 2013 depending on the price segment, which is stipulated....

Grey Export from Belarus Increasing 12.09.2012
Cigarettes Carried from Belarus by Train to Latvia, Road to Lithuania

Belarusian Tobacco Market 31.07.2012
The cigarette range is growing in the market

Restricted Freedoms in Belarus 11.07.2012
Outcomes of combating unhealthy habits

BELARUS: Freedom of Export 10.05.2012
President Lukashenko lifts the restriction on cigarettes for export

Belarus Increases Cigarette Production 05.04.2012
BAT will install another production line in Grodno

Grey Export from Belarus on the Rise 09.12.2011
The number of Belarusian cigarettes seized during export attempts has trebled in 2011

Belarus Raises Excises 27.10.2011
A decree of the president, dated 25 October 2011, sets new excise rates for tobacco products from 1 November 2011 to 31 ....

Belarus Raises Quotas on Cigarette Production 23.08.2010
The government of Belarus has approved new quotas to produce 23.1 billion tobacco products in 2010.

Everything New Is New Again 10.02.2010
The government of Belarus has started again regulating the tobacco market as it sees fit.

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