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Cigarette Production in Moldova 23.07.2012
Fewer tobacco products were made in Moldova in the first half of 2012

Republic of Moldova gets an award 12.06.2012
Dr Andrei Usatii, Minister of Health of the Republic of Moldova, received a 2012 World No Tobacco Day Award.

Moldova: National Industry Problems 30.05.2012
Production and growing is on the decline in the republican tobacco industry

People Remade 23.04.2012
Moldova hopes to change people’s attitudes to tobacco through propaganda

Successes of Moldovan Tobacco Company 20.04.2012
The state-run company Tutun-CTC increases profit by 500%

Moldova: New tobacco control programme 09.02.2012
The Cabinet approved at its meeting the National Tobacco Control Programme for 2012-2016.

Moldova Raises Excises 16.11.2011
Under the draft National Programme of Tobacco Control developed by the Health Ministry, excises on tobacco products will....

Fertile ground for tobacco smuggling rings 08.09.2010
Moldova .Tighter tobacco control in neighbouring countries now EU member states and domestic tax hikes have strengthened....

Framework for exchange 06.07.2010
Contraband cigarettes are exported from Moldova in two ways: secreted in lorries or vans; and via online sales, with the....

Higher prices, more contraband 06.07.2010
Moldova .Quite how matters will unfold is unclear. Tobacco manufacturers argue that high prices encourage smuggling, but....

Collaboration actively encouraged 23.06.2010
Moldova .“The tobacco manufacturers have a common interest in combatting the illicit tobacco trade because it harms thei....

A tiny nation with a high smoking incidence 08.05.2008
Moldova . After ratifying the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) in May 2007, Moldova has been tailoring its....

Importers on the offensive 25.04.2008
Moldova . After years of probing the market, international tobacco giants finally found their bearings in Moldova, and n....

Centre of illicit activity 12.03.2008
Moldova . When it comes to tobacco importers and retail outlets, the new regulations on tobacco control adopted by the M....

Total ban on tobacco ads 04.09.2007
A comprehensive anti-tobacco programme for the next 15 years has been developed by Moldovan government, according to loc....

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