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Cigarette Production Shrinks in Azerbaijan 02.06.2015
The State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan Five says 561.3 million cigarettes were manufactured in January to April 20....

Cigarette prices are on the rise in Armenia 19.11.2014
This year experts note a substantial growth in prices for tobacco products here

Excises are on the rise in Georgia 13.11.2014
The excise rate on tobacco products, malt beer, ethyl alcohol, and alcoholic drinks is raised from 1 January 2015

Armenia increases cigarette production 15.09.2014
Armenian companies made 84 million dollars’ (34.52 billion dram) worth of tobacco products in January to July 2014....

Tobacco Products from Armenia Conquering World 11.08.2014
The Armenian-Canadian company Grand Tobacco intends to invest $9 million in cigarette production before the end of 2014

Armenia Bans Tobacco Ads 03.04.2014
A final decision on the advertising of alcohol and tobacco on radio and television has been made in Armenia after length....

Contraband Brought from Everywhere 28.03.2014
Contraband and illegal manufacture account for some 20% of tobacco products in Azerbaijan

Armenia raises cigarette output sharply 18.02.2014
The production and export of tobacco have registered a considerable growth in Armenia in 2013.

Armenia: industry news 17.12.2013
Armenian tobacco factories significantly increase their output in period from January-September 2013

Armenia: Market News 07.10.2013
Almost 65% more tobacco products were made in January to August

Georgia: Incentive for Tobacco Importers 28.09.2013
A rare example of a decline in tax pressure on tobacco

Georgia: excise duty up from 1 September 26.08.2013
Georgia’s Finance Minister Nodar Khaduri said the excise duty on non-filter cigarettes will rise by 5 tetri (USD 0....

Tobacco production in Armenia grows 02.08.2013
The country has seen a significant rise in tobacco production during the first six months of 2013.

Cigarette Packs in Armenia to Indicate MRP 06.07.2013
The government of Armenia approved the procedure for labelling

Azerbaijan closes talking 11.05.2013
The parliament will not discuss the bill “On the Limitation of the Consumption of Tobacco” in the next two y....

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