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Dixy Owner to Set Up Cigarette Retail Chain 07.12.2012
The tobacco products distributor Megapolis, a unit of the Mercury holding company which operates in many sectors and own....

Megapolis, SNS in Forbes Rating 08.11.2012
The Russian version of Forbes for October 2012 published the traditional annual rating of the 200 largest non-public com....

You Cannot Ignore a Whole Generation of Businesspe.... 12.10.2012
The Kiosk Owners’ Coalition today will submit 165,000 signatures collected from across Russia for a petition to th....

Tobacco Profit 24.07.2012
New Tobacco Company whose main owner is the Megapolis group almost doubled its net profit in 2011 to 154.6 million roubl....

Draw on Energy Drink 17.04.2012
The cigarette seller SNS buys the manufacturer of Tornado drinks

Megapolis Friendly with Neighbours 30.03.2012
The largest Russian tobacco distributor, Megapolis of Igor Kesayev, has set up a new subsidiary to distribute tobacco pr....

Small Retail Business Wants to Live 20.03.2012
Businesspeople in St Petersburg demand that the Ministry of Health and Social Development bill threatening to eliminate ....

Russia’s Megapolis to Buy Ukraine Tobacco Group 24.02.2012
Cyprus-based Megapolis Holdings (Overseas) Ltd which controls the major Russian tobacco distribution group Megapolis of ....

Megapolis Puts Off IPO 02.12.2011
The tobacco distributor Megapolis has put off its initial public offering until the spring of 2012

New Industry Association Established 21.10.2011
The Russian Lighter Importers Association has been established by the leading suppliers in the segment

A Good Word for Trade 16.06.2011
Retail and tobacco market research is presented at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Tobacco Business Results in Criminal Case 28.08.2010
Kuban businessman is convicted for premeditated bankruptcy

Destabilisation Attempt 21.06.2010
A Duma member uses false statements to cause chaos in tobacco trade

BAT to sell Lyfra 07.04.2010
British American Tobacco (BAT) has agreed to sell its Belgian cigarette distribution business, Lyfra, to Landewyck Group....

Protest Attempt 18.12.2009
Restrictions on Trade through Small Retail Outlets Will Complicate Running Small Businesses

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