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Upgraded product from Molins 19.07.2013
Molins Tobacco Machinery has developed a new filter making machine, the Forte.

Kaymich names new agency 08.07.2013
C.B. Kaymich confirms the appointment of Bushra Trading International as company's representation in Pakistan.

BOFA revolutionizes fume extraction 29.06.2013
BOFA International Ltd. Says their latest product release, the iQ intelligent operating system is packed with revolution....

ITM Group buys IMAtec 25.05.2013
ITM Group acquired IMAtec of Luxembourg in a move the Dutch supplier of tobacco said would expand its product base.

Hauni buys Borgwaldt 01.03.2013
Hauni Maschinenbau acquired Borgwaldt Group, a manufacturer of analysis machines used in cigarette and filter production....

TDC OSIRIS - turns the roll 06.02.2013
OSIRIS is the latest innovation to TDC's Flexible ISIS Pouch Packing platform

Hauni starts new branch 08.01.2013
The leading provider of technology for cigarette production opened a sales and service branch in Izmir.

360° revolutionary vision 27.11.2012
The innovative Optical Cigarette Inspection System (OCIS) from Hauni enables manufacturers to inspect each and every cig....

ITM: improved filter logistics 29.10.2012
Novel use of compartment trays in the ITM Gemini distribution system created a fully automated storage for filter rods.

Capsule Application Unit for the DF10 01.10.2012
G.D has created a device for its DF10 filter rod maker for the insertion of spherical micro-capsules inside the filter.

Hauni filter system improves efficiency 14.09.2012
Hauni is introducing a new storage system that allows to separate filter making from the cigarette production process.

Molins reports half-year results 31.08.2012
Molins PLC, the international engineering and services company, announces its results for the six months ended 30 June 2....

ITM introduces Delphini 30.08.2012
In order to cater to demands for savings in tobacco waste, ITM developed a versatile, portable on-line tobacco reclaimer....

Filter Logistics strides ahead 22.08.2012
A new all-automatic high-bay storage system allows filter making to be kept entirely separate from the cigarette product....

HEINEN KOHL receives Golden Leaf Award 2012 14.08.2012
Antwerp, Belgium - On Thursday, June 14th, once again the Golden Leaf Awards have been awarded to outstanding companies ....

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