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Tobacco Carriers to Be Spied On 11.08.2015
They must equip their vehicles with GPS navigation devices

Excise Revenue Goes Up 03.08.2015
Excise revenue for the Ukrainian state budget was 46% higher in 2015 than in the same period (first four months) of 2014....

Increase in Excise, Production Growth in Armenia 03.08.2015
The government of Armenia suggests increasing excises on alcohol, cigarettes, and petrol

New Excise Stamps 19.07.2015
New excise stamps for alcohol and tobacco products are in effect in Ukraine from 1 July 2015.

Georgia Puts Duty on Cigarette Import 10.07.2015
Importers of tobacco products will pay a new tax starting from 1 July 2015

New Restrictions in Lithuania 03.07.2015
A ban on smoking in vehicles if there are people under 18 or pregnant women comes into effect in Lithuania on 1 July 201....

Display Ban 01.07.2015
Display of tobacco products in retail outlets has been banned in Belarus since 1 July 2015

Tighter Cigarette Import Quotas in Turkmenistan 30.06.2015
The rules have been made stricter for individuals to import cigarettes and alcohol

Tobacco Farming Dying Out 07.06.2015
Tobacco acreage is cut down in Gagauzia

Cigarette Production Shrinks in Azerbaijan 02.06.2015
The State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan Five says 561.3 million cigarettes were manufactured in January to April 20....

New fines in Lithuania 21.05.2015
Seimas passed amendments to the Tobacco Control Act to prohibit people under 18 from smoking and carrying tobacco produc....

Kazakhstan – No food impression 15.05.2015
From May 2016 cigarette packs in the CU countries must not carry words, signs, or images that buyers could associate wit....

Transnistria Raises Fines for Retailers 11.05.2015
Yevgeny Shevchuk, President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR, Transnistria), signed the Law “On the I....

Trouble in Tobacco Farming 10.05.2015
Thirty per cent less tobacco was harvested in Kyrgyzstan last year

Kazakhstan Bans Smokeless Tobacco 25.04.2015
Smokeless products are outlawed in Kazakhstan. Bans in the other Customs Union member states are not far off

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