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Usman Tabak’s New Life 18.08.2012
The property of the bankrupt factory has been purchased by a friendly businessman, the main distributor of its products,....

China’s Third Attempt 05.06.2012
The State Tobacco Monopoly Administration of China has again taken an interest in the Russian market

Emphasis on Export 18.05.2012
Donskoy Tabak Russia’s Largest Cigarette Exporter

Donskoy Tabak’s New Defeat 26.03.2012
The Federal Court of Arbitration has confirmed the rulings of lower courts on the lawfulness of the decision of the Russ....

OJSC Donskoy Tabak Nine Months’ Results 24.11.2011
Donskoy Tabak made 23.5 billion cigarettes and papirosas in January-September 2011. Revenue totalled 16.3 billion rouble....

Are we losing him? 18.11.2011
Another portion of rumour about the sale of the Donskoy Tabak factory

Siberian Bulgaria 01.11.2011
The Omsk-based Om tobacco factory gets the Russian Patent Agency (Rospatent) to register Bulgartabac’s cigarette b....

Play, kid! 19.08.2011
The factory in Rostov-on-Don failed to have FAS decision overruled

Consolidation Continuing 03.06.2011
The merger of the two largest Russian water-pipe tobacco manufacturers has been completed

Donskoy Tabak Starts Chasing Multinationals 18.05.2011
The largest Russian tobacco company Donskoy Tabak which comes fifth in the national tobacco market continues to demonstr....

Neva Flows into Don 08.11.2010
The Rostov-on-Don based factory Donskoy Tabak intends to acquire Nevo Tabak

Tobacco Petition 03.10.2010
The address of the Russian factories to the prime minister is an emergency measure

Arrests in Morshansk 01.09.2010
Tambov regional legislator is charged with abducting his debtor

Donskoy Tabak’s Half-year Results 16.08.2010
In the first half of the year, Donskoy Tabak manufactured 10.3 billion cigarettes, up 23% on the same period of 2009.

Baltic Tobacco Factory Shut Down Temporarily 07.04.2008
A court ruled last week to suspend the operation of the Kaliningrad-based tobacco factory.

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