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What Russians Think about Ban 25.01.2014
Over the last six years, the number of Russians who support the ban on smoking in public places without qualification ha....

Belomorkanal Brand to Be Protected 15.12.2013
The famous Soviet papirosa brand Belomorkanal may become intellectual property of Tabakprom, the Russian association of ....

More Fines, More Bans! 20.11.2013
New smoking fines became effective and tobacco advertising was banned completely in Russia on 15 November.

Russian Excises 2014 14.10.2013
The Duma has passed, the Federation Council has approved, and the president has signed amendments to Article 193 of the ....

Health Ministry Approves Smoking Ban Sign 15.08.2013
The smoking ban sign must be placed at every entry into a territory or building where smoking is prohibited

Anti-tobacco Law’s First Results 01.08.2013
The anti-tobacco law has already led to some of the expected consequences: people have got angry to a point of shooting ....

New System of Tobacco Fines 05.07.2013
On Wednesday, 3 July 2013, the Russian Parliament established fines for smoking in public places and other similar crime....

Either Fly or Smoke 26.06.2013
The cruellest provision of the new anti-tobacco law taking effect on 1 June 2013 is a complete ban on smoking in airport....

Production Figures for 2012 15.06.2013
Tobacco companies’ cigarette and papirosa production results in 2012 and the overall market dynamics in the last f....

Russia Introduces Graphic Warnings 22.04.2013
What does one need to know about the new requirements?

Let Me Finish Your Cig, Pal… 05.04.2013
The answer is silence. A shock. A tableau vivant. It turns out Russia is still being hooked on nicotine by its own gover....

Law Passed. Thank You, Motherland! 13.03.2013
The Law “On the Protection of the Health of the Population against the Impact of Environmental Tobacco Smoke and t....

Passed Notwithstanding Protests 21.02.2013
The Russian parliament passes the Federal Law “On the Protection of the Health of the Population against the Impact of E....

Excises 2013 28.01.2013
The rate of excise on cigarettes has grown by approximately 40% and prices by 15% since 2013

Better security for excise stamps 13.01.2013
Verify Brand enhances VB Enterprise for greater supply chain security

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