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Kazakhstan: Excises 11.10.2013
The rates will rise 30 per cent a year

Kyrgyzstan: Auction Cancelled 29.09.2013
The 27 September auction to sell 20.39% of the shares of Kyzyl-Kiya Tobacco Fermentation Plant was declared abortive bec....

Kyrgyzstan: Statistics & Privatisation 12.09.2013
Cigarette import into the country is on the rise

Kazakhstan: Skunk Watching 24/7 11.09.2013
A 24/7 hotline called SkunksCamera has been put into operation to register complaints about smoking in public places.

Cigarette Prices on the Rise in Kazakhstan 11.08.2013
Cigarette prices are likely to increase in Kazakhstan by 2014

Graphic Warnings in Kazakhstan 05.07.2013
From 1 July 2013 all manufacturers and importers in Kazakhstan must place graphic warnings on cigarettes

Internal Tobacco Production Down in Kyrgyzstan 19.06.2013
The decline is due to the current taxation system introduced in 2011

Smoking Statistics in Kazakhstan 12.06.2013
The incidence of smoking among adults is 26.5%

Kazakhstan to go graphic 31.05.2013
The government decree requiring frightening images on cigarette packs in Kazakhstan will come in effect in July 2013.

Development planned for Kyrgyz tobacco 22.05.2013
Kyrgyzstan wants to attract foreign investment in its tobacco industry, according to a story in The Times of Central Asi....

Kyrgyzstan: new excise 19.04.2013
The parliamentary committee on economic and fiscal policy supported the bill introducing excise on e-cigarettes

Import of Tobacco, Tobacco Products in 2012 in Kyr.... 13.04.2013
Kyrgyzstan imported tobacco and tobacco products from 24 countries

Uzbekistan: New excise stamps for tobacco 11.04.2013
Alcohol and tobacco products are marked with new excise stamps in Uzbekistan from April 1, 2013

Kazakhstan extends smoking ban 03.04.2013
Kazakhstan prohibits the use of the shisha pipe in enclosed public spaces including bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Sales Drop for BAT in Uzbekistan 31.03.2013
Cigarette production was down for BAT in Uzbekistan in 2012

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