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Lower house approves plain packs 15.04.2015
The lower house of the National Assembly approved introduction of plain packaging for cigarettes in May, 2016, as part o....

Gates and Bloomberg launch new anti-tobacco fund 23.03.2015
Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg launch tobacco litigation fund

Margaret Chan says put tobacco companies out of bu.... 19.03.2015
World Health Organisation (WHO) Director-General Margaret Chan called for a global push to “make sure that the tob....

Non-standard sources for the cigarettes consumed in.... 01.02.2015
Cigarettes obtained outside standard retail channels account for nearly half of total consumption, according to a survey....

Tobacco generates CNY 1 trillion in profit and tax.... 15.01.2015
The state tobacco monopoly generated CNY 1.05 trillion (EUR 146 billion) in profit and taxes last year, a gain of 10 per....

One-off tobacco levy proposed in Hungary to fund health.... 19.11.2014
Tobacco companies would pay a one-time levy in 2015 to fund health care costs under a bill before Parliament filed by a ....

FCTC recommends raising tobacco taxes 16.10.2014
Delegates to the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) said treaty signatories should....

Farmer Shocked 15.10.2014
The head of the International Tobacco Growers Association shares his impressions of the FCTC Conference of the Parties i....

Warlike Stance 14.10.2014
The Sixth session of the Conference of the Parties to the WHO FCTC (COP 6) has started in Moscow. Margaret Chan demonstr....

Dortmund – Inter-tabac 2014 boasts impressive gro.... 29.09.2014
For the first time the world's biggest trade fair for tobacco products and smoking accessories covered a previously unp....

World Tobacco cancels Singapore exhibition 23.06.2014
World Tobacco (WT) Asia 2014, scheduled for November in Singapore, has been cancelled due a negative government response....

E-cigarettes enjoy massive growth 09.05.2014
According to new research by Mintel, there has been a significant growth in the U.S. during the past two years.

Bans Multiplying in US 22.04.2014
Different entities in various locations of USA keep banning e-cigarettes use

New Smoking Restrictions in UAE 20.04.2014
Selling cigarettes is permitted only retail outlets which have a special licence

NY state ban on e-liquid 09.04.2014
Is this another case of big pharma trying to ruin the e-cig market or a greedy government positioning themselves for big....

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