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Acceleration of contraband 12.01.2010
Violeta Klyviene, senior Baltic analyst at Danske Bankas in Vilnius, Lithuania, said: “The situation here in Lithuania i....

Smuggling still thriving in the Baltic States 08.01.2010
In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the European Union’s recently agreed tax increase on tobacco products, aimed at tackli....

BAT closes factory 09.10.2009
In mid June 2009, British American Tobacco (BAT) Latvia announced that it would be closing its factory in the capital Ri....

Ministers approve new restrictions on smoking in L.... 20.03.2007
A committee within the Latvian Cabinet supported the initiative of the nation's Ministry of Health to amend the law On S....

Shopkeeper suffers over bubble gum 25.08.2004
A seller was fined in Kelme, Lithuania, because a bubble gum in her shop resembled a cigarette.

Amer Tobacco leaves Estonia 22.07.2004
The cigarette brands such as Trend, Form and Barres may disappear from the Estonian market as their manufacturer, Finnis....

Old excise stamps banned in Latvia 02.01.2004
The Latvian Republic introduced a ban from January 01 on sale of cigarettes on its customs territory with excise stamps ....

Latvia Toughens Sector Requirements 24.10.2003
Latvia’s lawmakers will soon consider in the second reading some draft amendments to the law “On limiting sale, advertis....

Latvia: L&M Sells Best In National Supermarkets 25.09.2003

Latvia: Scandinavian Tobacco To Remain Lessee Until.... 20.09.2003

No More Lights, Mild In Latvia 20.09.2003
On Tuesday, September 16, the Latvian government approved amendments to the national law "On the limitation of sale, adv....

Estonian Smokers Discontent With Cigarette Quality.... 11.09.2003

Latvia: Sales Drop 9 Percent 05.09.2003
Two billion cigarettes and papirossy were sold on the Latvian market in the first half of 2003. The capacity of this mar....

Riga To Ban Street Smoking 27.08.2003

Lithuania: Statistics Show Increase in Smuggling 08.08.2003
According to Lithuania's Statistics Department, manufacturing of tobacco products in the republic – the only Lithuanian ....

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