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BAT Ukraine 2012 Results 02.05.2013
BAT Ukraine’s net profit in 2012 is down by almost 17%

End of Yava 23.04.2013
What is behind the sudden closure of one of the oldest tobacco factories in Russia?

BAT tests “less harmful” cigarettes 26.03.2013
British American Tobacco has started clinical trials of a cigarette designed to reduce the harm caused by existing produ....

BAT joins board of a scientific society 23.01.2013
A BAT press note said that Marianna Gaca of BAT’s Group R&D had been voted onto the board of directors of the ....

Tobacco giant buys e-cigarette technology 20.12.2012
BAT has purchased a company that is developing the next generation of electronic cigarettes designed to help smokers to ....

BAT shocked by image of young smoker 09.11.2012
Responding to a Channel 4 (UK) documentary BAT said on Friday that children were not, and would never be, its audience.

BAT nine-month volume declines 24.10.2012
BAT said volume fell 1.2 per cent through nine months of 2012, with almost all of the drop occurring in western Europe.

BAT explores new opportunities 02.10.2012
BAT is investing £100m to develop a series of smoking alternatives as tobacco bans and higher taxes persuade smoke....

New study by BAT on menthol 28.09.2012
Menthol in cigarettes does not increase exposure to tar or nicotine

How to weigh up a puff of smoke? 10.09.2012
BAT has made it possible to weigh the amount of smoke a person is likely exposed to when they take a puff of a cigarette....

BAT Ukraine Summarises Results for Eight Months of.... 03.09.2012
British American Tobacco Ukraine increased cigarette production by 10% during the period

BAT’s response to the Australia 16.08.2012
Today British American Tobacco announced its comment on decision of the Australian High Court in plain packaging case

Court Accepts Tax Service’s RUR 69.4M Counterclaim.... 09.08.2012
The Moscow Court of Arbitration held a preliminary hearing of a case of challenging a decision to hold OJSC British Amer....

BAT Russia 1H Results 09.08.2012
BAT Russia stably retains a fifth of the Russian market

Developing countries boost BAT 25.07.2012
Emerging markets fuelled BAT and helped the maker of Dunhill cigarettes weather the effects of the strong pound

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