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Belarus Tightening the Screws 06.11.2008
The government of Belarus adopts a stricter policy on the import of tobacco products.

Import quotas to be cancelled from October 27.03.2007
Quotas on imports of Russian tobacco products to Belarus have been cancelled: the republican government has signed the r....

Situation in Belarusian tobacco market 20.03.2007
It is so far unclear whether quotas on cigarette imports to Belarus will be cancelled. It remains for companies to act p....

Belarus opens up 01.03.2007
In spite of some changes outlined in the Belarusian tobacco market and a number of innovations proposed, the situation s....

Imperial Tobacco starts production in Belarus 22.09.2006
In September Imperial Tobacco Group starts licensed West cigarette production in Belarus, at the Minsk factory Tabak-Inv....

Belarus raises import quotas for tobacco products 22.08.2006

Outdoor advertising of tobacco to be banned in Bel.... 21.08.2006
Amendments to the law "On advertising" providing for a ban on outdoor advertising of beer, strong drinks, and cigarettes....

Belarus expected to face shortage of imported cigarettes.... 11.08.2006
Analysts estimate that demand for imported cigarettes in 2006 will exceed the yearly quota as soon as August. So a short....

Neman Tobacco Factory ceases production of four br.... 21.07.2006

Belarusian government passes quotas on manufacture.... 05.12.2005

Belarus limits cigarette imports 25.07.2005
For another time, the republican government shows iron will and support for national makers.

Belarus raises quota for imported cigarettes 23.06.2005

Belarus makes, exports more cigarettes 29.04.2005
Belarus made 3.5 billion cigarettes in the first quarter of 2005, 12.5% more than in the same period of 2004, the Minist....

Belarus sets new customs servicing charges 20.04.2005
Order No.17 "On the rates of customs charges for customs servicing" issued by the State Customs Committee of Belarus on ....

Belarus protecting itself from imports 27.12.2004
Belarus is going to intensify measures to protect domestic manufacturers next year. In particular, it is expanding the l....

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