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Moldova changes privatisation method for curing ba.... 22.09.2006
At its meeting on 21 September, Moldova's Cabinet decided to exclude curing barns in Cupcini, Falesti, Floresti, and Orh....

Moldovan tobacco exports to Russia down 28 per cen.... 08.02.2006
According to the ministry of agriculture of Moldova, tobacco exports to Russia have shrunk considerably over the past ye....

Area under tobacco cut down 05.09.2005
A significant decline of the total tobacco planted area is registered in Moldova where just 5,300 hectares were planted ....

Moldova cuts tobacco production 20.07.2004

Moldova ready to remit debts 15.04.2004
Areas allocated for tobacco growing in 2004 are to expand by 170% in Moldova - from 5,400 hectares to 15,000 hectares. T....

Tobacco production drops 40% in Moldova 20.01.2004
Gross tobacco production in 2003 is 8,000 tons plus of dry leaf, 38% less than a year earlier (13,000 tons), Moldova's A....

Moldova Returns Tobacco To Free Trade 03.10.2003
Last Friday, September 26, the parliament of Moldova ratified the Protocol between the governments of Moldova and Russia....

Moldova To Supply Russia With 3,000 Tons Of New Cr.... 02.09.2003
Moldova's tobacco production will be halved to 6,000 tons of dry leaf in 2003. About 3,000 tons, 85 percent of the new c....

Moldova: Import Duties Set On Raw Tobacco 12.05.2003
A Law was published finally at the very end of April that brought back zero rates on some tobacco varieties imported to ....

Moldova: Exports of Cigarettes Fell Almost Six Tim.... 15.04.2003

Moldova: Govt Supports National Tobacco 03.03.2003
Moldavian lawmakers approved amendments to the Moldavian Customs code, which set zero rates for some sorts of tobacco, i....

Tough Years for Moldavian Tobacco 12.08.2002
The government of Moldova issues the challenge to minimize import of tobacco.

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