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Armenia: Smoking at the Wheel to Be Punished with .... 27.08.2012
New traffic regulations came into effect in Armenia in June 2012

Armenia struggles to cut nicotine habit 10.08.2012
Armenian health officials say they have made some progress towards reducing the current high rates of smoking

Price of cigarette will rise in Azerbaijan 31.05.2012
Unsatisfying results of a research force Azerbaijani government to join efforts against the tobacco epidemic

Azerbaijan: Eurovision-2012 moves tobacco retail a.... 05.02.2012
Tobacco kiosks in Azerbaijan be moved away from schools and smoking in public places be prohibited – this is the p....

Armenia: Cigarette prices jump 16.01.2012
Prices for many Armenian cigarette brands climbed an average 35 dram at the beginning of January 2012.

Anti-tobacco Campaigners Increase Activity in Geor.... 01.11.2011
Giorgi Bakhturidze, head of the Tobacco Control Alliance, accuses local cigarette manufacturers of using low-quality tob....

PM International in Armenia 31.10.2011
The PMI share of the Yerevan cigarette market is 18.4%,

New packaging rules postponed 03.11.2010
Requirements for packaging and labeling of tobacco products are to enter into force four months later, reports the Azerb....

JT International marks 6th anniversary of operating.... 28.09.2006

Armenian tobacco factory to open in Georgia 28.07.2005
An Armenian tobacco factory will open in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, on 5 August, Georgian MP Beso Jugeli said. He ....

Armenia restricts smoking 03.03.2005

Georgian authorities ban cigarette sale in marketp.... 28.02.2005
Sale of tobacco products will be banned in all types of marketplaces throughout Georgia from March 1, 2005, the Georgian....

Armenia to supply cigarettes to Iraq 05.02.2005
Armenian manufacturers managed to reach agreements to supply cigarettes to Iraq this year. Verbal agreement on that was ....

Armenia restricts tobacco products sale, consumption,.... 21.01.2005
President Robert Kocharian of Armenia signed the law “On restriction of sale, consumption and use of tobacco products” o....

Armenian-Georgian cigarette venture under construction.... 06.12.2004
An Armenian-Georgian cigarette joint venture in which the Armenian company Grand Holding is involved will go into operat....

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