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An Award of "Excellence" goes to G.D 13.07.2012
G.D, a company of the COESIA Group, announced it has received the Award of Excellence 2011 from Altria.

AEROSORT just does it 15.06.2012
Тhe new non-tobacco related material (NTRM) detector AEROSORT once again demonstrates its enormous potential during cust....

ITM and CSi join forces 18.05.2012
ITM Group and CSi, a provider of fully integrated material handling systems, signed a cooperation agreement on 2 May 201....

Hauni named one of top two training enterprises 30.04.2012
Hauni Maschinenbau AG secured second place in the competition “Hamburg’s Best Training Enterprises 2012&rdqu....

GD aquires Sasib 23.11.2011
Coesia Group, through its sister company GD, has acquired Sasib S.p.A from Paritel Group, said GD in today’s press....

Kaymich assigns new agency 31.10.2011
C. B Kaymich & Co. has appointed Sangshin Trading Co. as its representative agent in South Korea.

G.D.’s line sets a record 26.09.2011
Production record for the G.D 121P-H1000-W1000BV-MCP line: 8.25 million cigarettes in one 8-hour shift.

G.D increases global presence 26.07.2011
In July 2011, the G.D, the leading supplier of high-technology machinery for cigarette making, started Johannesburg bran....

Hauni awards Turck with Supplier Award 28.06.2011
Hauni has rated Turck as the “best supplier for the tobacco industry” in the commodity group electro-technic....

Molins almost doubles profit 01.03.2011
Shares in cigarette vending machine maker Molins rose 6% after it increased revenue following a strong final quarter.

New filter maker and inventory system 10.01.2011
German tobacco machinery manufacturer Hauni has launched the Mulfi-ME, a root-and-branch refinement of the Mulfi-E for d....

Integrated Pleasure 21.11.2010
A new generation of cigarette filters are beginning to conquer the Russian market

Hauni sorts it out 09.09.2010
Hauni’s recent distribution agreement with US company Key Technology and the February 2010 acquisition of Sodim, a Frenc....

Hauni acquires Sodim 08.02.2010
Hauni Maschinenbau of Hamburg, Germany, acquires Sodim in France from Imperial Tobacco Group to extend its product portf....

Overall market trends shape rebuild demand 10.01.2010
The rebuilt tobacco machinery sector is one of the industry sectors that has clearly profited from the current economic ....

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