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Smoking during Euro 2012 12.07.2012
Measures were taken, but ignored by fans

Ukraine Leads Cigarette Smuggling 25.06.2012
Ukraine came in first place in terms of the smuggling of tobacco products in 2011, according to the World Customs Organi....

Ukraine: Ban Made Law 17.06.2012
A new version of the law completely prohibits smoking in caf?s and restaurants

One More Bloomberg Victory in Ukraine 04.06.2012
The Ukrainian Rada bans smoking in public places

Fight against Crime in Ukraine 15.05.2012
National law enforcement agencies report on the outputs of their work

Illicit Ukraine 03.05.2012
An illegal cigarette trade network has been discovered in the Zhytomyr Region

Violations Increase in Number 26.04.2012
The number of violations in tobacco retail has dramatically increased in Ukraine

Ukraine Learning from UK 11.04.2012
The Ukrainian and UK customs sign a bilateral memorandum of cooperation

Ukraine Discontented with Australia 03.04.2012
Kiev files an official demand for consultations with Australia within the WTO framework

It’s Unquiet on Romanian Border 29.03.2012
Ukrainian and Romanian border guards will co-ordinate their activities

Ukraine Says Good-buy to Legal Tobacco 26.03.2012
President Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine on 13 March signed a law on a complete ban on advertising tobacco and tobacco pro....

Ukraine: 2011 results of smuggling seized 20.02.2012
A total of 7.3 million packs of illegal cigarettes were seized in Ukraine in 2011, according to the State Tax Administra....

Ukraine Advancing 27.01.2012
Kafrun will present a wide range of water pipe tobaccos at Tabak Expo 2012

Grey Import of Cigarettes into Ukraine Growing 09.12.2011
Thirty million three hundred thousand contraband cigarettes were seized during the first eleven months of 2011 as smuggl....

Illegal Facility Shut Down 06.12.2011
One more cigarette factory wound up in Ukraine

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