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Crime > Smuggling / Counterfeiting
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Illegal Factory Closed in Amsterdam 16.04.2013
During a regular raid, police officers detained nine people on charges of illegal fabrication and sale of tobacco produc....

USA: Elusive Native Americans Get Caught 07.04.2013
Eric T. Schneiderman, Attorney General of the State of New York, sues Grand River Enterprises and Native Wholesale Suppl....

Tobacco Smuggling on the Rise in Australia 07.04.2013
Melbourne has again become a hot spot for tobacco products smuggled into it from Asia and Europe

Estonia: Facts of Crime 25.03.2013
Nineteen million illegal cigarettes seized in 2012

Romania: Contraband Shrinking 15.03.2013
About 9.7 million packs of contraband cigarettes were seized here in 2012

Illicit Tobacco Factory Found in Poland 12.03.2013
Polish customs officers find an illegal cigarette factory in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodeship

Ukraine among Crime Leaders 13.02.2013
Ukraine is among the three countries supplying most contraband to the EU

Latvia: Seizure Chronicles 11.02.2013
The Latvian State Revenue Service reports

Record Consignment of Contraband in Poland 02.02.2013
Border guards find 4.5 million cigarettes in a lorry in Polish territory which was meant to deliver them to England

PMI Co-operates with Lithuania 27.01.2013
Lithuania signs a contract to modify the co-operation agreement between the EU and Philip Morris International

Ireland: Excise Rise 22.01.2013
The government of Ireland made a decision in December 2012 to raise excises on tobacco products by another 10%

Finland: Group of Smugglers Exposed 25.12.2012
A court in the Finnish province of South Karelia declares nine people, Finnish and Russian nationals, guilty of smugglin....

Seized in Romania 19.08.2012
Macedonian cigarettes are flowing into the EU

UK Shares with Smugglers 13.08.2012
The legal cigarette market in the UK was 60 billion and the illegal one 22 billion pieces in 2011

Illicit Manufacture of Excise Stamps Shut Down 10.08.2012
An illicit manufacture of counterfeit excise stamps is discovered in the Luhansk Region, Ukraine

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