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New Tobacco Centre in Russia 27.02.2008
The Kaluga Region is rapidly turning into a new centre of the tobacco industry in Russia.

Cigarette production and environment 22.03.2007
Tobacco companies have been paying increasing attention to environmental protection lately. This is due both to an ever-....

Shareholders decide to shut down Biisk Tobacco Fac.... 26.01.2007
The meeting of shareholders of Biisk Tobacco Factory passed a decision on 23 January to shut down the facility.

'Our foreign partners will lend us a hand' 24.01.2007
Against the background of other Russian producers, Baltic Tobacco Factory looks not just successful, increasing producti....

Biisk Tobacco Factory to shut down 25.12.2006
The Board of Directors of Biisk Tobacco Factory has voted for shutting down the facility. The final decision will be mad....

Donskoy Tabak pays off its bond issue 14.11.2006
Donskoy Tabak has paid off its three-year bond issue. The issue enabled the company to relocate production outside Rosto....

Nevo Tabak's movement approved 14.11.2006
Nevo Tabak has obtained a federal approval for movement to an industrial area on the Pulkovskoe Motorway. The city gover....

Nevo Tabak to move to Pulkovskoe Motorway 06.10.2006
Nevo Tabak intends to build a factory on the Pulkovskoe Motorway, near Shushary, to which two Nevo sites in St Petersbur....

Tobacco factories closing in Urals 29.09.2006
One more cigarette factory, Alvis, has closed in the Urals Federal District. Demand for non-filter cigarettes and papiro....

New tobacco factory to start operating in Kursk 22.09.2006
A new tobacco factory with a capacity of 2bn cigarettes a year will soon be commissioned in Kursk. Up to 15 million roub....

Second wind for Nevo Tabak 09.08.2006
A strategic investor has bought out an additional share issue of CJSC Nevo Tabak.

Built with optimism 29.05.2006
The opening ceremony of the new production of Donskoy Tabak was held on Friday, clear evidence of what a Russian factory....

Philip Morris summarises 1st qtr 2006 results 02.05.2006
Altria Group which comprises the global tobacco industry leader Philip Morris held its annual meeting of shareholders on....

Astra Tobacco Factory privatised 02.02.2006
The 49% of Astra's shares owned by the state pass to new owners.

Change in Altadis's distribution system 02.12.2005
Altadis which markets the global brands Gauloises Blondes and Gitanes Blondes in Russia and owns, since 2004, the Balkan....

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