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Israel Bans Smoking for Actors 04.12.2012
The Supreme Court of the country has overturned the decision of a lower court concerning permission for actors to smoke ....

Tobacco Excise Rates for 2013 03.12.2012
Despite initiatives of the Health Ministry, Russian excises will be raised according to a conservative scenario

What Harm Anti-tobacco Bill Will Do 31.10.2012
The government has brought the anti-tobacco bill before the Duma, the chance is high that it will be passed, and the onl....

How to Overcome Russia’s Backwardness 18.10.2012
At a meeting earlier today the Russian government approved the bill “On the Protection of the Health of the Popula....

The Kremlin is getting tough on tobacco 16.10.2012
World's second-largest cigarette market after China, plans 'harsh' anti-smoking rules

First Sweet Fruits of WTO 27.09.2012
The customs publish an order cancelling double duties on cigars from the Dominican Republic

Finally… 17.08.2012
The government has permitted the sale of cigars and tobacco with old excise stamps.

Business-like Russia Could Scarcely Care Less about.... 18.07.2012
Business-like Russia (an organisation of large business) supports the Health Ministry proposal for limiting the number o....

Tobacco Manufacturers Invest 1Bn+ in Advertising over.... 07.07.2012
The Economic Development Ministry has found lots of flaws and deficiencies in the bill “On the Protection of the P....

‘We Would Like Small Business to Be Nonexistent…’ 01.06.2012
The first “bushisms” of the Russian minister of health

A Failure: Part 2 25.05.2012
The new administrative staff to the government returns to the Health Ministry its odd bill first thing

Personnel Policy 25.05.2012
Tobacco & Russia’s New Government

Russian Smokers Speak Out against Draft Law 22.05.2012
The Russian Smokers’ Rights Movement created to protect the interests of smoking citizens in the statutory regulat....

Intimidation with Pics 14.05.2012
Obligatory graphic warnings on cigarette packs are introduced in Russia

Smoking Kills 11.05.2012
This is what is now written on every pack of cigarettes legally sold in Russia. But whom does it kill and how many are k....

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