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Kyrgyzstan: MP Suggests Excise Reform 19.03.2013
Mr Bekeshev, a legislator, draws up a bill to switch to specific excise rates

Tajikistan Regulating Trade in Tobacco 26.02.2013
The republic introduces licensing of trade

Kyrgyzstan: New Supplier of Excise Stamps 28.01.2013
The Lithuanian company Garsu Pasaulis wins the tender to produce excise stamps for alcoholic drinks and tobacco products....

Kyrgyzstan to Take Care of Tobacco 30.11.2012
A draft state concept of the recovery and development of, and attraction of direct investment in, the tobacco industry o....

Excises for Customs Union 19.10.2012
Belarus and Kazakhstan will catch up with Russia in terms of excise rates by 2020

Kyrgyzstan 15.10.2012
The government proposes for public debate the draft Technical Regulation of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan on Tobacco Produc....

Business Protests in Kazakhstan 19.08.2012
Businesspeople speak out against restrictions

Ban Everything 14.05.2012
A new Kazakh law against tobacco will come as a surprise to the tobacco industry

UZBEKISTAN Becomes 175th 02.05.2012
The country has signed the WHO Framework Convention

Prison Sentence for Smoking 30.04.2012
The fight for clean streets in Kazakhstan is supported with arrests

Kyrgyzstan to Grow More Tobacco 10.04.2012
The government will support tobacco growers in Kyrgyzstan

Small Retailers Oppressed in Uzbekistan 06.04.2012
Retail outlets selling alcohol and tobacco products near schools will shut down before autumn

Turkmenistan: A new anti-smoking law 15.02.2012
Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov approved an Action Plan to Fight Smoking in Turkmenistan for 2012-2016 on 6....

Credit for Kyrgyzstan’s Tobacco Growers 12.12.2011
It is planned to buy the future harvest at $1.5

Kazakhstan Tougher than USA 14.11.2011
Kazakhstan’s Health Ministry has drawn up a government directive titled “On the Approval of the Warning abou....

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