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Greek Bans & Catering 01.03.2014
The discontented population pointed to the lawmakers themselves: the smell of tobacco smoke never disappeared from the p....

Inter-tabac ASIA trade fair to be postponed 24.02.2014
Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH had planned to hold the trade fair Intertabac ASIA on the 27th and 28th of February ....

Cambodia Introduces Tight Smoking Restrictions 16.02.2014
A government decree of 12 February introduced a ban on smoking in all public places.

In United States MSA promises broken 04.02.2014
Just about 2 per cent of Master Settlement Agreement payments by cigarette makers was spent on prevention programmes

Tobacco puts 14% more in China's budget 25.01.2014
China's tobacco industry generated almost 956 billion yuan ($157 billion) in taxes and profits in 2013

Turkish smokers hit by tax increase 10.01.2014
Increases in special consumption taxes on tobacco products will boost the minimum duty on a pack of cigarettes 16 per ce....

EU agreement reached on Tobacco Directive 05.01.2014
EU diplomats agreed a proposal to regulate e-cigarettes, removing the last hurdle to a comprehensive package of rules.

Mongolian Lawmaker Keeps Worrying about Tobacco 04.01.2014
On 1 January this year Mr Baasankhuu submitted the amendments to the law to the speaker of the parliament

Cigarette sales increased in China 11.12.2013
China’s cigarette sales volume during the first nine months of this year rose about 1.1 percent to 1,975 billion.

English, Welsh Prisons to Ban Smoking 22.11.2013
Smoking prisoners will be given nicotine patches

Israel to Ban E-cigarettes in Public Places 21.10.2013
The Ministry of Health suggests that the ban should be extended to electronic cigarettes

Turkey Bans Smoking at Wheel 16.10.2013
A directive on fines for drivers takes effect

Bloomberg against e-cigarettes 13.10.2013
NYC mayor Bloomberg expected to target e-cigs soon

Bulgaria to Stick with Catering Facilities Smoking.... 11.10.2013
President Plevneliev is strongly against relaxing the legislation

UAE Bans Water Pipe Smoking 06.10.2013
The government prohibits delivery of ready-for-smoking water pipes to homes and offices

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