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Latvia: Excise Tax Receipts for Six Months 15.07.2003

Latvia: House Of Prince Riga Changes Its Name 17.03.2003
The new name will illustrate the major Latvian tobacco manufacturer's affiliation with the international group Scandinav....

Latvia: JTI Increases Its Market Share 10.03.2003
In 2002 JT International sold 706.2 mln cigarettes in Latvia. This amounted to a 3.8% (25.8 mln units) rise from 2001. W....

Cigarette Manufacturing, Exports Growing Rapidly in.... 05.08.2002
The production of cigarettes in Latvia increased significantly in the first half of 2002, as did the exports and the sal....

Three Latvians Convicted of Cigarette Contraband in.... 22.07.2002
The Frankfurt an der Oder District Court convicted three Latvian truckers of smuggling 67.7 million cigarettes into Germ....

Illegal Tobacco Has 28 Per Cent Market Stake in Es.... 15.07.2002
The latest survey shows that 36 percent of estonian smokers use illegal tobacco products.

Lithuanian Regulators Get Tough on Tobacco 08.07.2002
Lithuanian Health Ministry has issued new restrictions on composition of cigarettes.

Tobacco Tax to be Hiked in Estonia 24.06.2002
Tobacco excise tax in Estonia is hiked to 3.50 kroons (EUR 0.22) per package from current 3 kroon level on July 1, boost....

Lithuania: Price Labeling Required on Cigarettes 17.06.2002
All players in the Lithuanian tobacco industry in the coming months will have to start labeling the maximum price on sin....

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