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BAT’s response to the Australia 16.08.2012
Today British American Tobacco announced its comment on decision of the Australian High Court in plain packaging case

Court Accepts Tax Service’s RUR 69.4M Counterclaim.... 09.08.2012
The Moscow Court of Arbitration held a preliminary hearing of a case of challenging a decision to hold OJSC British Amer....

BAT Russia 1H Results 09.08.2012
BAT Russia stably retains a fifth of the Russian market

Developing countries boost BAT 25.07.2012
Emerging markets fuelled BAT and helped the maker of Dunhill cigarettes weather the effects of the strong pound

BAT defending its interests 31.05.2012
BAT today rejected accusations of interfering in public health policymaking by the World Health Organisation and anti-to....

‘Sober Saratov’ and the Herb 27.04.2012
In spring various civil society movements become more active and mental illnesses become more acute. Another bout occurr....

BAT Russia Sums Up 2011 Performance 07.03.2012
The company demonstrates growth in its market share against a background of falling consumption

New possibilities for Yava factory 14.11.2011
Revision of BAT manufacturing capabilities: Will it help create the first industrial museum in Russia?

BAT Buys Colombia's Protabaco 12.10.2011
BAT announced today it has completed its $452m swoop for Protabaco, the second largest cigarette company in Colombia

BAT enjoys profit boost 27.07.2011
British American Tobacco has reported higher-than-expected profits as increased cigarette prices offset a slight decline....

Management Board appointment at BAT 16.05.2011
Giovanni Giordano has been appointed as Group Human Resources Director at BAT with effect from 1 June 2011

BAT to market nicotine without the smokes 05.04.2011
BAT is setting up a business to commercialize non-tobacco nicotine products that could help wean smokers off its cigaret....

Crisis Behind 02.03.2011
The 2010 results make BAT Russia optimistic

BAT preliminary announcement 2010 24.02.2011
British American Tobacco plc (BAT) today released their preliminary results for the year ended 31st December 2010

BAT to simplify management structure 14.12.2010
British American Tobacco (BAT) is to reduce the number of regions in its management structure from five to four with eff....

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