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Azerbaijan boosts tobacco growing 09.07.2004
The area of tobacco fields is 2,541 hectares this year, which is 21% more than in 2003.

Azerbaijan: ETB to cooperate with Altadis 04.02.2004
European Tobacco Baku, which is a virtual monopoly on Azerbaijan's market, will take up distribution and in future, poss....

Sweated Tobacco Production Decreased In Azerbaijan.... 26.12.2003

Armenia: Domestic Production Grows One-third 10.12.2003
In the past three quarters of 2003 armenian production grew by 35.2 percent comparing with the same period last year.

Azerbaijan To Switch To Specifics 10.12.2003
According to some amendments introduced to Azerbaijan`s Tax Code, next year the republic will change the mechanism of ex....

Azerbaijan: Tobacco Production Doubles 24.10.2003
By early October Azerbaijan's tobacco growers had harvested 3,500 tons of raw tobacco. This is twice as much as in the s....

Georgia: Kartli Factory To Be Sold By Auction 10.10.2003

Georgia Bans Public Smoking 05.09.2003
A law that bans smoking in public places came into effect in Georgia on September 01.

Azerbaijan: European Tobacco Baku Rethinks Production.... 19.07.2003
European Tobacco Baku (ETB) soon plans to issue corporate bonds for $100,000 for a term of one year.

Georgia: Two-thirds of Market Illegal 16.06.2003
Georgia’s tobacco gray market share comes to some 60-70 percent. These data are published by the national news agency Sa....

Georgia: Excise Duty Issue 15.04.2003

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