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JTI hopes for favorable ruling 08.04.2005

He has left tobacco 25.03.2005
Mr. Pascal Samson assumed office as general manager at Balkan Star yesterday. Vladimir I. Galagaev, one of the most resp....

Tabakprom annual meeting results 20.03.2005

Balkan Star summarizes 2004 operation 10.03.2005

Yelets Tobacco director disappears 25.02.2005
Bankruptcy of Yelets Tobacco has become a reality.

Areas insufficient 15.02.2005
In early February, Pogar Cigarette and Cigar Factory (PCCF) started making oval cigarettes under contract with BAT Russi....

Usman Tobacco Factory to supply Russian army 11.02.2005

Donskoy Tabak reports 2004 results 10.02.2005
Despite that more than one month has passed since the beginning of this year, tobacco companies are in no hurry to make ....

Armavir Tobacco Factory upgraded 19.01.2005
Armavir Tobacco Factory is getting ready to launch a new unit.

Yelets workers protect factory owner 25.10.2004

Galagaev buys out Balkan Star's non-core assets 14.09.2004

Anti-monopoly authorities settle confusing case 01.09.2004
The Omsk authority of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) has taken legal action against OOO "Tobacco Factory &....

Nevo Tabak to become more conspicuous 28.07.2004
The Museum Investment Group (St. Petersburg) which owns the Nevo Tabak tobacco factory plans by late 2004 to invest $3 m....

Gallaher has launched penetration of the Chinese market.... 23.07.2004

Papirossy Factory goes bankrupt 22.06.2004
The May 26, 2004, ruling of the Kurgan regional Court of Arbitration instituted bankruptcy proceedings at the Papirossy ....

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