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Surge in Misinformation about Graphic Warnings 28.11.2011
Statements about graphic warnings on Russian cigarette packs from as soon as 1 July 2012 are not true. Anti-tobacco acti....

Lithuania: Nine Months’ Results 24.10.2011
Most of the seized goods were illegally manufactured tobacco products, they were worth 51 million litai.

Forum or Demagogy 2 28.09.2011
Pharmaceutical companies’ friendship with “the Bloomberg guys” has already borne fruit in Russia: fina....

Here Go Our Orange Ribbons 21.09.2011
Yet another masterpiece of the art of TV lying was yesterday presented by a master of the art – Channel One of sta....

Art House 19.09.2011
Smoking cannot be the first or the only subject of censorship in film production

Health Ministry Tired of Warning… 22.08.2011
So it proceeds to acting. The draft law “On the Protection of the Health of the Population against the Consequence....

New GM for ITG in Russia 05.08.2011
Wayne Merrett took over as General Manager Imperial Tobacco in Russia

Premature Bravado 05.07.2011
The statement about scary pictures having been approved for the Eurasec member states is a lie

Finance Ministry’s Communism 01.06.2011
The only explanation for imbalances in Russian excise policy is proletarian hatred towards the bourgeoisie

Let’s Tobacco Kiosks Have Their Say 25.05.2011
A press release of the Interregional Trade Union of Businesspeople in defence of tobacco kiosks in Moscow

Amendments to Technical Regulation Necessary 20.05.2011
A critical situation in the tobacco market is developing in direct connection with the Technical Regulation that took ef....

Finance Ministry Links Excise to Election 17.05.2011
Drinking and smoking will be cheaper in the first half of 2010 than in the second

Mysterious Tobacco Market Dynamics 27.04.2011
The incidence of smoking in Russia is on the decline, but there is no clarity as to the trend

Tobacco Manufacture Results for 2010 28.03.2011
Cigarette production in Russia remains stable, but companies’ market shares have been set in motion

No Blame on Tobacco 22.03.2011
Scientific data disprove one of the cornerstone myths of anti-tobacco propaganda about a “tobacco epidemic” ....

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