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Israel to Ban E-cigarettes in Public Places 21.10.2013
The Ministry of Health suggests that the ban should be extended to electronic cigarettes

Turkey Bans Smoking at Wheel 16.10.2013
A directive on fines for drivers takes effect

Bloomberg against e-cigarettes 13.10.2013
NYC mayor Bloomberg expected to target e-cigs soon

Bulgaria to Stick with Catering Facilities Smoking.... 11.10.2013
President Plevneliev is strongly against relaxing the legislation

UAE Bans Water Pipe Smoking 06.10.2013
The government prohibits delivery of ready-for-smoking water pipes to homes and offices

Toronto, Canada, to Expand Smoking-free List 02.10.2013
The list will include stadiums, sports grounds, parks, and beaches

US: Bans Imposed, Lifted 27.09.2013
Smoking will be banned on Hawaiian beaches and allowed on New York ones

Schools Shouldn't Wait for Cigarette Tax 23.09.2013
The U.S. Administration's proposal to finance preschool programs using cigarette tax revenues is a non-starter according....

Thailand Bans Smoking in Buses 21.09.2013
And sticking arms and legs out open windows

US Bans Smoking aboard Cruise Liners 15.09.2013
Notorious for its accidents, the cruise company Royal Caribbean bans smoking on the balconies of cabins from 1 January 2....

UK Bans Smoking in Trains 06.09.2013
Three railway companies prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes

UAE Bans Smoking in Vehicles 31.08.2013
The UAE Ministry of Health issues a new directive in addition to the federal law on smoking control

Paraguay's new president is a controversial tobacco.... 25.08.2013
Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes is a political newcomer who registered to vote for the first time in 2008 and subseq....

E-cigarettes to Be Taxed in Italy 18.08.2013
The government of Italy has decided to tackle the market for electronic cigarettes

Tobacco Farmers Protesting in Bulgaria 10.08.2013
Tobacco farmers have staged protests against the current government

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