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Fake Marlboro seizure in USA 05.07.2012
Philip Morris USA supports the police crackdown on counterfeit Marlboro cigarettes

Innovations from Philip Morris 28.06.2012
PMI Inc. plans to launch new reduced-risk cigarettes

PMI to buy back $18B stock in 3 years 13.06.2012
Philip Morris International announces new three-year share repurchase program

PMI Announces Senior Management Changes 07.05.2012
PMI announced that Hermann Waldemer, Chief Financial Officer, has elected to take early retirement effective July 31, 20....

Philip Morris Loses Patent Dispute to BAT 25.04.2012
The Moscow Court of Arbitration throws out the lawsuit of the multinational tobacco company Philip Morris and sustains t....

PMI to webcast presentation for investors 19.03.2012
Philip Morris International Inc.’s Chief Financial Officer addresses investors at the CAGE Conference in London, U....

Philip Morris Results in Russia in 2011 28.02.2012
PMI cigarette production in Russia declined by 2.3% in 2011

PM fights Australia over brand ban 27.06.2011
Philip Morris Asia initiates legal action against the Australian government over plain packaging for tobacco products

PMI purchases patent nicotine aerosol 26.05.2011
PMI enters into a patent purchase agreement of new technology with the potential to reduce the harm of smoking

PMI to help Japan after the disaster 15.03.2011
Philip Morris International Inc. Promises 100 million for earthquake relief

PMI will not buy Colombian 05.01.2011
PMI today announced that it would no longer pursue its intention to acquire Productora Tabacalera de Colombia (Protabaco....

Change of Philip Morris Russia CEO 25.10.2010
Marco Mariotti is appointed President of the PMI affiliates in Russia.

Jury verdict in favour of PM USA 07.10.2010
For the second time in one week, a Florida jury today ruled in favour of Philip Morris USA in an Engle case (Willis).

An example of KARDEX automated storage at the Philip.... 13.05.2010
The Philip Morris Izhora tobacco company in St Petersburg has introduced a KARDEX SHUTTLE XP automated warehouse which e....

Philip Morris sues retailers 02.03.2010
Philip Morris USA filed lawsuits yesterday against eight retailers for selling counterfeit versions of the company's Mar....

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