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Parliament receives ad restrictions 15.01.2008
Three draft bills on further restrictions of tobacco and alcohol adverts have been submitted to the Ukrainian parliament....

96 billion cigarettes produced in nine months 07.10.2007
Ukrainian tobacco companies made 95.845 billion cigarettes over nine months of the year, 8 per cent up from a year befor....

Cigarette production continues growth trend 03.06.2007
Philip Morris and Japan Tobacco International have increased their cigarette production by 10.3 and 19.6 per cent respec....

Ukrainian tobacco factories summarise last year's .... 12.01.2007
Ukrainian companies are summarising performance in 2006. Most factories increased production.

Ukraine raises export of tobacco products 21.07.2006

Ukraine summarises first five months of 2006 15.06.2006
Local analysts predict the Ukrainian tobacco industry will show a decline in production in 2006 even in spite of major i....

Ukrainian parliament bans light, superlight markin.... 10.02.2006

Tobacco production up in Ukraine 15.07.2005

Graphia Ukraina to invest Eur 0.15m in its gravure.... 10.06.2005
The Ukrainian-German joint venture Graphia Ukraina (Cherkassy) that specializes in the production of packaging materials....

Ukraine bans sale of domestic cigarettes in duty-free.... 30.05.2005

Security holograms canceled in Ukraine 23.04.2005
President Victor Yushchenko has canceled obligatory use of holograms on tobacco and alcohol products that was introduced....

Ukraine toughens tobacco laws 20.04.2005
Ukraine's Rada has passed a law that bans manufacturing (save for export) tobacco products that fail to meet labeling re....

'Pirate' cigarettes made in Donetsk, Ukraine 16.04.2005

Passions running high over excises in Ukraine 18.03.2005
The government of Ukraine is considering transition to an ad valorem excise collection system. Tobacco companies are fig....

Ukraine's largest tobacco companies ask Cabinet to.... 09.03.2005
Representatives of the three largest tobacco companies working in the Ukrainian market addressed on March 4, 2005, Prime....

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