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Ukraine Flooded with Contraband 20.05.2012
The customs reports: contraband cigarettes are overfilling the country

Weekdays in Luhansk 17.04.2012
Illegal cigarette warehouses are shut down in Ukraine

Now in Moscow… 13.04.2012
Counterfeit Parliament cigarettes were smuggled into Russia from Ukraine

Smoke Fertilisers 09.04.2012
An illicit tobacco facility is shut down in the Cherkasy Region, Ukraine

Unexpected Find 27.03.2012
A tobacco warehouse is accidentally uncovered in Latvia

EU Customs Results 25.02.2012
EU customs seize over 100 million counterfeit products

A lorry driver from Latvia was detained in Poland 15.11.2011
while trying to smuggle over 7 million cigarettes.

Jin Ling Again 08.11.2011
An articulated lorry with Russian-made Jin Ling cigarettes was detained at the Lithuanian checkpoint Kybartai-Chernyshev....

Cartel Seized in Latvia 07.11.2011
Latvian law enforcement agencies stemmed the activity of an organised group manufacturing cigarettes in the EU.

Six Hungarian Border Guards Arrested for Assistance.... 30.10.2011
The border guards are charged with providing a crime group with support in smuggling cigarettes in the period from May 2....

New Illegal Facility Found in Ukraine 25.10.2011
A businessman from Rovenky, Luhansk Region, manufacturing and selling plastic windows also illegally manufactured tobacc....

Latvia: Illegal Cigarettes Account for Quarter of .... 24.10.2011
The State Revenue Service estimates the share of illegal cigarettes in total consumption at 24.6-28.5%

Ball of the Illegal 01.07.2010
Soaring excises can today be directly observed to criminalise neighbouring tobacco markets

Smuggled goods bound from Moscow to Baku found in .... 16.03.2007
An illegally carried consignment of tobacco products was also detained in Dagestan

Cigarette contraband detained on Romanian-Moldovan.... 16.03.2007
In early March, border guards in Vaslui, Romania, detained the largest consignment of contraband cigarettes over the las....

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