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Anti-monopoly authorities settle confusing case 01.09.2004
The Omsk authority of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) has taken legal action against OOO "Tobacco Factory &....

Nevo Tabak to become more conspicuous 28.07.2004
The Museum Investment Group (St. Petersburg) which owns the Nevo Tabak tobacco factory plans by late 2004 to invest $3 m....

Gallaher has launched penetration of the Chinese market.... 23.07.2004

Papirossy Factory goes bankrupt 22.06.2004
The May 26, 2004, ruling of the Kurgan regional Court of Arbitration instituted bankruptcy proceedings at the Papirossy ....

Bomb searched at RJR Petro 13.06.2004

The RJR Petro tobacco factory was yesterday examined for explosive objects.

The police officer on duty received a ....

Kansk factory to launch printing line 30.05.2004

Usman-tabak delivers collection cigarettes 15.04.2004

Bankruptcy proceedings at Papirossy Factory 30.03.2004

What's in store for Samara Factory? 22.03.2004
The owner of 75% of Samara Tobacco Factory's shares, Miko Group, has sold the factory's processing equipment to undisclo....

Soyuzkontrakt Tabak aspires to TOP-10 01.03.2004
The association Soyuzkontrakt Tabak (SK) is building a new facility in the Borovsk district, Kaluga region, Russia. The ....

Back to oval 20.02.2004
Omsk Tobacco Factory held an extraordinary meeting of shareholders in late January, as we came to know, which introduced....

Regional government awards Astra Factory based in Perm,.... 19.02.2004

Russia: Primary Don pays 1st coupon 19.02.2004

Tabakprom sums up year results 28.01.2004
A total of 382.7 billion cigarettes and papirossy were produced in Russia last year, according to analysts from Tabakpro....

Donskoy Tabak loses over 1/3 of volume 28.01.2004
Donskoy Tabak manufactured 23.2 billion cigarettes last year, 35% less than in 2002, the company's official release says....

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