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JTI Ukraine supports free trade between Ukraine, G.... 08.06.2005
JT International Ukraine supports the plans of the governments of Georgia and Ukraine to implement a free trade agreemen....

Hearing of JTI case put off until June 28 30.05.2005

There's a higher court... 14.04.2005
Passed on April 12, 2005, the decision of the Federal Arbitration Court of the Moscow district to send the case of impos....

Ruling in JTI case expected in two weeks 31.03.2005
The appeal of JTI Marketing & Sales and Petro against the decision of the 9th Moscow Arbitration Court of Appeals which ....

Stifle with taxes, then have a good night's sleep 04.02.2005
The review authority of the Moscow Court of Arbitration dismissed JTI's appeal against the court decision that it should....

JTI reforms sales policy 28.09.2004
Japan Tobacco, one of Russia's biggest cigarette producers, is completing a reorganization of its sales system. Instead ....

Arson sets tobacco storage on fire? 23.07.2004

LD expands outside former USSR 09.03.2004
Gallaher Group Plc companies sold a total of 160.2 billion cigarettes in 2003, which is 4.9% more than in 2002. In an of....

New JTI Russia Chief Appointed 27.08.2003

Shaver Quits As JTI Russia Director 20.08.2003
Mark Shaver, director general of Japan Tobacco International Russia, who was in this post from May 2001 has resigned, Ko....

New Head at Liggett-Ducat 11.08.2003
Olga Feldt has been appointed director general of Liggett-Ducat. She has taken over from Brendan McCarney.

JTI Wins Lawsuit against Anti-Monopoly Policy Mini.... 09.07.2003

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