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Kent Phenomenon: guess design show day 14.11.2006
A renovated version of the Kent family went on sale earlier in November. The Kent Phenomenon action which accompanied tr....

Three new varieties add to Captain Black family 08.11.2006
BAT has produced three new varieties of Captain Black cigarillos. They are wrapped in a whole tobacco leaf and have spic....

Imperial Tobacco starts selling Davidoff Neon in R.... 04.10.2006
The new line adding to the Davidoff family will go on sale in Moscow and St Petersburg next week.

Nevo Tabak outputs genuine American cigarettes 03.10.2006
The new brand of "originally light" cigarettes, Arctic, went on sale on 1 October. At a press conference organised by Ne....

JTI puts Lucia cigarettes on sale across Russia 02.10.2006
Lucia cigarettes will go on sale in St Petersburg on 9 October and across Russia on 1 November this year. The brand fami....

JTI puts Camel Limited Edition on sale 14.09.2006
A Camel brand series with a new pack design has gone on sale in the market, a limited edition for large Russian cities. ....

Conservative multinationals 08.06.2006
Several new brands with a rich foreign background have lately emerged in the Russian market.

Leading brands' segment 18.05.2006
Philip Morris presented its renovated L&M in Moscow yesterday.

Donskoy Tabak markets new cigarette brand 20.03.2005

JTI enters "ladies' cigarettes" market 05.03.2005
JTI has become the last multinational company to enter the Russian slims market.

Time comes for Rothmans 24.08.2004
After a four-year break, advertising starts of one of the world’s biggest brands, Rothmans. BAT Russia is going to move ....

Donskoy Tabak upgrades cigarette family 20.08.2004
Donskoy Tabak has upgraded the 21 VEK cigarette family. The family now includes a new version, ULTRA 1, based on a uniqu....

Tobacco share in outdoor advertising more than halves.... 29.04.2004
Cigarette advertising yielded its first place in outdoor advertising and went to fourth position last year.

Biggest advertisers in December 2003 12.03.2004

Donskoy Tabak launches new brand 19.02.2004

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