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Oklahoma pol approves tobacco product study propos.... 05.08.2013
In an example of tobacco-related media coverage outside New York, an article by Wayne Greene in Tulsa-World detailed how....

Cigarette Prices Rising in Poland 04.08.2013
Cigarettes will be more than 1 zloty per pack more expensive

USA: Substantial Equivalence 02.08.2013
FDA's first Substantial Equivalence pathway decisions are made

New Bans in Norway 28.07.2013
Several amendments to the Tobacco Act came into effect on 1 July

Smoking Banned Almost Everywhere in Jamaica 22.07.2013
The nationwide ban took effect on 15 July 2013

Inter-tabac 2013 fully booked 16.07.2013
The worldwide largest marketplace of the tobacco industry is expanding

EP panel backs Commission on TPD 10.07.2013
A key panel vote in the European Parliament backed changes to the Tobacco Products Directive

France: Smoking Banned on Enclosed Terraces 21.06.2013
The Court of Cassation in France has put an end to disputes about what an enclosed terrace is in the light of the opport....

No Smoking in WHO’s Geneva Park 13.06.2013
Smoking is from now on prohibited in the Geneva city park owned by the World Health Organization.

No Smoking in Finnish Trains 05.06.2013
Smoking is prohibited in trains of the Finnish state-run railway company Suomen Valtion Rautatiet (VR) from 3 June this ....

Cigarette Prices to Grow in US 24.05.2013
The White House has sent to US Congress the draft budget for the financial year 2014 starting 1 October. Among other thi....

Tobacco Prices Rise in Israel from 8 May 12.05.2013
Finance Minister Yair Lapid has signed a directive raising excises on tobacco products.

Luxembourg: Smoking Banned in Bars 30.04.2013
Smoking in bars will be banned in Luxembourg in six months.

Czech Republic: Smoking in Restaurants to Be Banned.... 21.04.2013
Prepared by the Health Ministry, a revised variant of a smoking control law which prohibits, among other things, smoking....

New Regulations Take Effect in Israel 13.04.2013
In May last year, Israel approved measures to increase taxes on tobacco products and set new quotas for importing cigare....

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